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Characters and settings

Characters (in order of appearance):
Mother Superior
Sister 1
Sister 2
Sister Lucia
Sister Henrietta
Lucia dos Santos
Lucia’s 3 companions
Francisco Marto
Jacinta Marto
Angel of Portugal
Pope Benedict XV
Our Lady of Fatima
Mr. Marto (Ti)
Mrs. Marto (Olimpia)
Joano Marto
Mr. dos Santos (Antonio)
Mrs. dos Santos (Maria Rosa)
Maria dos Santos
Mrs. Gomes
Mr. do Varmo
Mrs. do Varmo
Mr. Carriera
Mrs. Carreira
Joano Carreira
Carreira children
Manuel Gonçalves
Priest’s secretary
Father Ferreira
The Tinsmith (Artur de Oliveira Santos)
Adelina Santos
Victor Santos
Liberty Santos
Msgr. Riveiro
Avelino de Almeida
Holy Family
Our Lady of Sorrows
Sacred Heart
O.L. of Mt. Carmel

• Coimbra: refectory
• Coimbra: Recreation room. .
• Adjustrel: the dos Santos home
• Adjustrel: the Marto home
• Adjustrel: the well
• Cabeço: the cave at the Cabeço hill
• Adjustrel: on the street
• Fatima: on the street
• Fatima: the Cova da Iria
• Fatima: Fr. Ferreira’s office
• Rome: the Papal office
• Ourem: the Tinsmith’s office
• Ourem: jail
• Open fields – no sheep
• Open fiels – with sheep

Scene 1

Setting: refectory

Mother Superior
Sister 1
Sister 2
Sister waitress
Lots of female voices

(Head table, with 3 sisters and Mother Superior in the middle, has been cleared, except for a water glass for one of the Sisters, still partially full. There is a Cross facing away from the Sisters at table in the middle. There is also a small bell at table. Sister 1 looks at her watch and leans toward M.S. Reader 1 continues to read. M.S. reaches for the bell and rings it. The reader stops immediately.)

The three get up. The sound of chairs rubbing across the floor is heard. There should be many female voices responding with M.S., including Sisters 1&2.

M.S.: (Making the Sign of the Cross, as are the 2 Sisters). In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. We give You thanks, Almighty God, for all Your benefits, Who lives and reigns, forever and ever.

All: Amen.

MS: Let us bless the Lord.

All: Thanks be to God.

MS: May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

All: Amen.

(There is some slight rustling of chairs but no talking. MS rings the bell, followed by silence.)

MS: Dear Sisters, in honor of the Feast day of Our Holy Mother, St. Teresa of Jesus, immediately following the after-meal clean-up, we will have recreation for two hours, until Vespers. You will be allowed to speak freely during that time.

Sisters: (not together) Thank you, Mother Superior.

Scene 2

Setting: Recreation room

Sister Lucia
Sister Henrietta

(There are two chairs in a corner. Between the chairs is a small table, with a lamp, flowers, and statue on it. A ball of yarn is in the empty chair. A nun in a postulant habit (Sister Henrietta), is doing some knitting. The shuffling and wheezing of an aged Sister Lucia is heard. Sr. H, upon hearing, looks out the corner of her eye. She perks up when she realizes it’s Sister Lucia, and looks over and puts the yarn beside her and resumes the knitting. Sister Lucia walks with some difficulty past her to the other chair. Sr. Henrietta stops knitting and looks up at Sr. Lucia and breaks into a big smile until she sits down, in obvious admiration.)

Sr. L: (after taking a moment to collect her breath) Praised be Jesus Christ!

Sr. H: Praise Him forever. Happy Feast Day, Sister Lucia!

Sr. L: Happy Feast Day, Sister Hermia!

Sr. H: Henrietta.

Sr. L: What?

Sr. H: My name’s Henrietta, Sister.

Sr. L: Oh, yes, of course. Excuse me, Sister. Tell me, how are things going with you, good Sister?

Sr. H: Very well, thank you, Sister.

Sr. L: Do you think you will persevere in your vocation, Sister Hedwig?

Sr. H: Henrietta, Sister.

Sr. L: Yes, of course.

Sr. H: Only with the grace of God, Sister. But I am enjoying the religious life very much.

Sr. L: Yes, it is a great grace to be a Bride of Christ. Pray much for vocations, especially your own.

Sr. H: Sister Lucia?

Sr. L: Yes?

Sr. H: Tell me about the time Our Lady came to see you.

Sr. L: (sadly) Well, you need to get permission, first.

Sr. H: (seriously) Not about the Secret, Sister. What happened at the Cova?

Sr. L: I guess I can… Well, it wasn’t just the Cova.

Sr. H: No?

Sr. L: No. Two years before, I was at the Cabeço. My cousins did not yet go with me.

Scene 3

Setting: the Cabeço

Angel of Portugal
3 companions

Lucia and companions shepherd their flocks. Lucia turns to her companions, as if to say something. They nod, pull Rosaries out of their pockets, and kneel down. The Angel stands on the top of the hill, with his hands tucked inside his robe. Lucia shakes herself as they get up. One companion comes up to her and talks to her. Lucy just shrugs her shoulders.)

Sr.L: (off screen) I had other companions with me at that time. It was around midday. After we ate lunch, I invited my friends to pray the Rosary with me. They were quite happy to do it. We had hardly begun to pray, when we saw a figure. It looked like snow statue, rendered almost transparent by the sun. We went on praying, with our eyes fixed on the figure before us. And as we finished our prayer, the figure vanished. My companions were quite frightened and asked me what it was. I didn’t know.

Scene 4


Sr. L: I didn’t tell anyone, but my companions did. One day my mother asked me what I saw, and I told her.

Sr. H: Did she believe you, Sister?

Sr. L: (laughs) Would you, Sister Helena?

Sr. H: Henrietta, Sister.

Sr. L: Henrietta. Sorry. No, she just called it childish nonsense, and told me never to speak about it again, as I was quite happy not to do.

Sr. H: Was that to prepare you for the Blessed Mother, Sister?

Sr. L: No, it was to prepare me to meet that figure the next year.

Sr. H: (interest piqued) Really?

Sr. L: Oh, yes, Sister. It was the next spring. My cousins Jacinta and Francisco were with me.

Scene 5

Setting: the Cabeco

Angel of Portugal

(Three shepherd children are tending sheep. Francisco is singing over and over again “Ave, Ave, Ave Maria” like from Immaculate Mary. Jacinta and Lucia are half-heartedly playing, while keeping the sheep in line while all three walk.)

Sr. L: (off camera) I was watching sheep with my cousins. I was nine years old at the time, Francisco was seven, and Jacinta was only six. We moved the sheep to a small hill called the Cabeço.

(After about twenty seconds, Lucia and Jacinta stop playing and watch the sheep in earnest as they walk. At the cue:)

Lucia: Francisco, will you stop! You’re driving me crazy!

Francisco: (a little dejected) Oh, all right.

Jacinta: (correcting her) Lucia! What would your mother say if she heard you stop someone from singing to Our Lady?

Lucia: (After a while) I’m sorry, Francisco, keep on singing.

Francisco: That’s all right, Lucia, I don’t feel like singing any more.

Lucia: (After a while, singing) Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.

Francisco: It’s almost time for lunch.

Lucia: We can eat our lunches when we get to the other side of the hill.

(Francisco nods and Jacinta says nothing. Then a thunderclap.)

Lucia: Uh-oh, it looks like it’s going to rain.

Francisco: I told you we should have brought our umbrellas.


Lucia: Where are we going to hide around here?

(It’s still raining. There is a small tree in the foreground, and the children are in the background. Francisco points to the tree.)

Francisco: What about under this tree?

(The children go underneath the tree, but still get wet. Jacinta starts to cry loudly.)

Jacinta: I’m wet.

Lucia: This is no good. Look around.

(From another angle, you can see a cave in a short distance.

Francisco: (Pointing to a cave) Look! A cave!

(The children run to the cave. Lucia holding Jacinta’s hand, Jacinta still crying. There isn’t much room. They are sopping wet, and still clutching their lunches. Francisco is looking around.)

Francisco: This should do for now.

Lucia: We should probably eat our lunches now. (All make the Sign of the Cross) Bless us

All: O Lord, and these your gifts we are about to receive from your bounty, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

(They start to eat their sandwiches.)

Lucia: (after a few seconds) All better now, Jacinta?

(Jacinta nods her head without looking up or stopping eating)

Francisco: Listen, the rain stopped!

Lucia: (poking her head out) The sun’s back out. We should pray our Rosary now. (Children come out. They kneel and pull out Rosaries from their pockets.) We’ll do the short version.

Lucia: (Hurrying to get it over with) I believe.
Francisco & Jacinta: I believe.
Lucia: Our Father.
F & L: Our Father.
Lucia: Hail Mary.
F & L: Hail Mary.
Lucia: Hail Mary.
F & L: Hail Mary.
Lucia: Hail Mary.
F & L: Hail Mary.
Lucia: Glory be.
F&L: Glory be.
Lucia: (right away tags Francisco) You’re it!

(the children play tag and giggle. The Angel comes in the distance. The children make Jacinta “it” and approach the Angel. Lucia and Francisco stop in their tracks when they see the Angel.)

Sr. Lucia (offscreen): We spent much of the day there. Then a strong wind blew and we saw a figure approaching us.

(Francisco and Lucia stand with their mouths gaping open. Jacinta, giggling, tags one of them. And runs off.)

Jacinta: You’re it.

(Jacinta turns, takes a couple of steps, and realizes no one’s playing anymore. Finally she sees the Angel and stands with her mouth wide open.)

Angel: Don’t fear! I am the Angel of Peace. Pray with me.

(The Angel turns away from the camera reverently on his knees, hands, and forehead, facing away from the children; the children imitate him immediately)

Angel : (alone) My God, I believe in you, I adore you, I hope in you, and I love you. I ask pardon for all those who do not believe in you, do not adore you, do not hope in you, and do not love you.

(The shot is of the children prostate. The girls pray with him starting the second time, Jacinta flubbing the words at first. Francisco only comes in the third time.)

Angel and children: My God, I believe in you, I adore you, I hope in you, and I love you. I ask pardon for all those who do not believe in you, do not adore you, do not hope in you, and do not love you.

(The Angel gets up, and the children remain kneeling, but upright)

Angel: Pray in this way. The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to the voice of your supplications.

(The children again prostrate and recite the prayer two more times, as the Angel walks off. The children go through the prayer a couple of times, gradually get up, look at each other and walk off slowly.)

Sr. L: (off screen.) The supernatural atmosphere was so intense, that for a long moment, we barely realized our own existence. We remained for several hours in that position, always reciting that same prayer. The presence of God made itself felt so intensely and intimately that we didn’t even dare to speak among ourselves.

Scene 6


Sr. L: It didn’t dissipate until the next day, and it was very slowly at that.

Sr. H: What a great grace, Sister!

Sr. L: Ah, if only we could persevere! By that summer, we had so dissipated that the Angel had to come a second time.

Scene 7

Setting: the well

Angel of Portugal

(The young shepherds are laughing and sitting under the trees by the well. The Angel sneaks up on them and interrupts them.)

Angel (angry): What are you doing? Pray, pray a great deal! The Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary have designs of mercy on you. Offer prayers and sacrifice yourselves unceasingly to the Most High.

Lucia: How do we make sacrifices?

Angel: Make a sacrifice of everything you can and offer it to God as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended, and in supplication for the conversion of sinners. Above all, accept and bear with submission the sufferings which the Lord will send you. In this way, you will draw peace upon your country. I am the Guardian Angel of Portugal.

(The Angel walks away slowly. The children collect themselves shortly after he leaves, clearly shaken up, except for Francisco, who looks confused.)

Francisco: What did he say?

Lucia: You mean you didn’t hear him again?

Jacinta: Did you at least see him?

Francisco: No. I could see him talking to you, and I heard what you said to him, but I couldn’t hear him.

Lucia: (befuddled) Well, he... It’s difficult to explain. Ask Jacinta or myself tomorrow.

(The three walk slowly away.)

Sr. L: (off screen) Francisco never was able to hear the apparitions. Jacinta and I always had to tell him what was said. But it wasn’t easy.

Scene 8


Sr. L: The supernatural atmosphere we found ourselves in made it difficult to tell Francisco. In fact, it was several days before we were able to tell Francisco what the Angel said. But the words of the Angel engraved themselves in our spirit, as a light which made us understand who God is, how much He loves us and wants to be loved by us, the value of sacrifice, and that by our sacrifices, God converts sinners.

Sr. H: Did you ever see the Angel again?

Sr. L: Oh, yes, that Autumn.

Scene 9

Setting: the Cabeço

Angel of Portugal

(Sr. L synchronizes her words to fit the children’s actions.)

Sr. L: We were again at the cave on the Cabeço reciting the prayer the Angel taught us, when we saw an unknown light.

(The children stop in front of the cave, prostrate, and then a light from offscreen hits the camera. The children kneel up. The Angel comes in solemnly to where the wire rigging is, without acknowledging the children. With his right hand, he is holding a Host dripping drops of Blood into a chalice, held in his left hand. There is a close-up in the middle of this procession. He gets to the rigging, leaves the Host and chalice suspended in midair. He turns and prostrates himself to the Host and chalice. The children mimic him.)

Angel: (alone) Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I adore You profoundly, and I offer You the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges, and indifference by which He, Himself is offended. And by the infinite merits of His Most Sacred Heart, and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

(The Angel gets up and gets again the Host and chalice. He turns toward the children, who kneel straight up to receive Communion.)

Angel: (while giving Lucia the Host and Francisco & Jacinta the chalice of the Precious Blood) Eat and drink the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, horribly outraged by ungrateful men. Make reparation for their crimes and console your God.

(The children kneel upright as the Angel places the chalice in midair again, prostrates, and starts the same prayer.)

Angel with children: (three times; the children this time pray with him, except for Francisco, who fumbles through it the second time and finally gets it right the third time. The Angel gets up after the first time, takes the chalice and walks away while they are still prostrate.) Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I adore you profoundly, and I offer you the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges, and indifference by which He, Himself is offended. And by the infinite merits of His Most Sacred Heart, and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

(The children stay prostrate. After “seven apple”, Francisco gets up and looks around. He gets up and taps Lucia. Jacinta gets up, and they walk off.)

Sr.L: We remained in that position, repeating the same words over and over again. It was Francisco who realized it was dark, and drew our attention that it was time to go home.

Scene 10


Sr. L: So we never said a word about that until after Our Lady appeared to us some time later, Sister Helvetica.

Sr. H: Henrietta.

Sr. L: Of course, Sister. Henrietta. Now remember that this was during the First World War. Millions were dying from all over Europe in the war, and even more from disease. The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XV, tried for three years to put a stop to the war, but he couldn’t do it.

Scene 11

Setting: Papal office

Pope Benedict XV

(Pope is in agony, kneeling before a statue of Our Lady.)

Sr. L: (offscreen) So, all earthly means being exhausted, he called upon heaven for a remedy.

Pope: (desperate) Virgin Mother of God! For three years I tried to put a stop to the madness. Much of my ministry was spent as a diplomat, helping to mend fences and get nations with swords drawn to kill each other to shake hands as brothers. Dear Mother of Mercy, no one will listen to me. Does no prince care about the death of millions of his subjects? Will they wait until there is no one alive to fight before the sword is returned to its place? Must silence drown the screams before there is a call for peace? Mother of Divine Grace! How mighty you were in days past, when Pius V called upon all Christians to lift up their Rosaries so that Christendom would be delivered from the Turk.

(The Pope stops, gets up and walks slowly, deep in thought. Struck by a thought, he turns to the image of Our Lady)

Pope: If you delivered the Church then, surely you will deliver the Church today. If you were sure to deliver when Catholics from around the world invoked you as Our Lady of Victory, surely if they called on you now as the Queen of Peace… Queen of Peace… Queen of Peace… Giacommo!

(The shot is a wider screen, which includes the door. Giacommo walks in.)

Giacommo: (Dressed in cassock, sash, and Roman collar) Yes, Holy Father!

Pope: Get a pen and pad immediately. I must send a letter right away.

Giacommo: Yes, Your Holiness.

(Giacommo leaves in haste. Pope looks pleadingly to Blessed Mother. Giacommo comes in during close-up. The sound of a chair being put down also during closeup.)

Giacommo: I’m ready, Your Holiness.

(Giacommo sits down, ready to take dictation. During this shot, it starts as before, and gradually closes in on Pope during speech. Giacommo writes the whole time.)

Pope: Send this letter to Cardinal Gasparri, post haste. Your Eminence, Our earnestly pleading voice, invoking the end of the vast conflict, the suicide of civilized Europe, was then and has remained ever since unheard. Indeed, it seemed that the dark tide of hatred grew higher and wider among the belligerent nations, and drew other countries into its frightful sweep, multiplying ruin and massacre. Nevertheless Our confidence was not lessened. Since by a loving design of Divine Providence, all graces that the Author of all good deigns to grant to the poor children of Adam are dispensed through the hands of the most Holy Virgin, We wish that, in this dreadful hour, with lively confidence, her most afflicted children turn to her with their requests. In consequence, We charge you, Eminence, to make known to the entire episcopate Our ardent desire that all have recourse to the Heart of Jesus, Throne of graces, and that they have recourse by the mediation of Mary. To this end, We order that, beginning with the first day of June, there be permanently added to the Litany of Loretto the invocation: “Queen of Peace, pray for us”.
To Mary, then, who is the Mother of Mercy and omnipotent by grace, let loving and devout appeal go up from every corner of the earth – from noble temples and tiniest chapels, from royal palaces and mansions of the rich as from the poorest hut– from blood-drenched plains and seas. Let it bear to her the anguished cry of mothers and wives, the wailing of innocent little ones, the sighs of every generous heart: that her most tender and benign solicitude may be moved and the peace We ask for be obtained for our agitated world. The 5th of May, 1917, Benedict, bishop, the Servant of the Servants of God.

Scene 12

Scene 12 part a
Setting: open fields with sheep


Sr L: (off camera) It was only eight days later, on the 13th of May. We were watching our flocks as usual, and had returned to our playfulness like before.

(The children shepherd the sheep, while playing. A flash of lightning interrupts.)

Lucia: Lightning! Let’s go home before we get soaked!

(The children run off and shepherd the sheep with them.)

Setting: The Cova da Iria

Our Lady of Fatima

(They run, when they come across the holm-oak tree. Our Lady is standing on top of the tree. The children stop when they get to her.)

Our Lady: (always serious, always sad) Don’t be afraid. I will do you no harm.

Lucia: Where is Your Grace from?

Our Lady: I am from Heaven.

Lucia: What does Your Grace want from me?

Our Lady: I have come to ask you to come here for six months in succession, on the 13th day, at the same hour. Later on, I will tell you who I am and what I want. Afterwards, I will return yet a seventh time.

Lucia: Shall I go to Heaven, too?

Our Lady: Yes, you will.

Lucia: And Jacinta?

Our Lady: Her, too.

Lucia: And Francisco?

Our Lady: (Looks over at Francisco and does not answer right away.) Yes, but he will have to say many Rosaries.

Lucia: I have two friends who died recently. Is Maria das Neves in Heaven?

Our Lady: Yes, she is.

Lucia: And Amelia?

Our Lady: She will be in Purgatory until the end of time. (more intently) Are you willing to offer yourselves to God to bear all the sufferings He wants to send you, as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended, for the conversion of sinners?

Lucia: (looks at Fran. & Jacinta. Jacinta nods) Yes, we are willing.

Our Lady: You are then going to have much to suffer, but the grace of God will be your comfort.

(She opens her hands and a bright light emanates from her hands. The children kneel down at this.)

Children: (Three times, Lucia starting the first time) Oh Most Holy Trinity, I adore you. My God. My God, I love you in the Most Holy Sacrament.

Our Lady: (After they finish, closing her hands) Recite the Rosary to obtain peace for the world and the end of the war.

Lucia: Can you tell me whether the war will end soon?

Our Lady: I cannot tell you yet, as I have not yet told you what I want.

(Our Lady disappears. The children look up at the sky)

Sr. L: (offscreen) Then she began to rise serenely towards the East until she disappeared completely.

Francisco: Who was that?

Lucia: She said she’s from Heaven. She didn’t tell us who she was.

Jacinta: Francisco, we should tell Mom and Dad what we just saw!

Lucia: I don’t think so, because no one would believe us.

Francisco: She was ever so sad.

Jacinta: Then how will we repair the offenses Our poor Lord suffers?

Lucia: Don’t! Nobody will believe it, so don’t tell anyone.

Jacinta: Why can’t I tell anyone?

Lucia: Just find a way. They’ll only just laugh at us and find a way to stop us from coming here next month. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Jacinta: Well… not really.

Lucia: Well, then, it’s settled.

(They walk away, tending their sheep)

Francisco: What did she say about me?

Lucia: Well, she…

Jacinta: You’re going to Heaven, but you have to say many Rosaries first.

Francisco: I’ll say as many as she wants. She was ever so sad.

Scene 13

Setting: Outside of Marto house


Sr. L: (offscreen) So, after we returned the sheep to the pen, I dropped off my cousins at their house, believing that we agreed not to tell anyone.

(Children walk up to the house. Lucia waves goodbye to her cousins, who go inside the house. Lucia walks off.)

Scene 14

Setting: Marto house

Joano M.

(Francisco and Jacinta come in and put their scarves and staffs by the coatrack. Joano is setting the table. [If applicable, Olimpia is by the stove, tending the pots with a wooden spoon.] Ti is in the distance, reading his book in the easy chair.)

Olimpia: (with spoon in hand) Dinner’s almost ready, kids. How was your day?

Francisco: It was all…

Jacinta: (excited, hugging her mother’s knees) You should have been there, Mom. A beautiful woman appeared to us from heaven and ...

Olimpia: (laughing) Well, aren’t you a little saint, seeing Our Lady.

Jacinta: (upset) But, Mom, I saw her. I saw her.

Olimpia: (concerned, looking at Ti): Ti! (to Jacinta) Who did you see? Have you seen her before?

Jacinta: She said she’s from heaven, Mom. I saw her. And she was ever so beautiful.

Ti: (while walking over) What’s this, then?

Jacinta: You should have seen the Lady, Dad. She was so beautiful. She told me and Lucia that we’re going to Heaven, but Francisco needs to say many Rosaries before he can go to Heaven. She wants us to come to see her on the 13th of the month at noon at the Cova for the next six months. She told us to say the Rosary every day. She said Maria is in Heaven, but Amelia…

Ti: (to Francisco) Were you there, son?

Francisco: I was there, but I couldn’t hear her.

Jacinta: We saw a lightning and…

Ti: Hush, girl. I really don’t know what to make of it, Olimpia.

Olimpia: Neither do I. Francisco, did you see this woman, too?

Jacinta: And…

Olimpia: Hush, Jacinta!

Francisco: Yes, mama.

Olimpia: And you couldn’t hear her.

Francisco: No, mama.

Joano: Ha! You’re seeing ghosts!

Jacinta: She wasn’t a ghost. She…

Ti: Silence! Now Francisco, do you believe the woman that you saw is from heaven?

Francisco: Yes, papa.

Ti: Why?

Francisco: If you saw her, you’d understand. She... It’s hard to explain. She showed us something that made us understand God in a way I didn’t know was possible. It wasn’t through words; it was in an instant that she showed it to us. When she was done with us, she rose peacefully into the clouds.

Ti: Thank you, Francisco. Children, clean up and watch the supper, while I talk to your mother.

Children: Yes, papa.

Ti: (Off to the side) What do you think, Olimpia? Jacinta could never tell a lie.

Olimpia: Oh, I don’t know, Ti. They saw something.

Ti: Go talk to your brother, and find out what Lucy saw.

(Olimpia grabs her shoal and leaves)

Scene 15

Setting: Outside the Marto house

Mrs. Gomes

(Olimpia sets out and walks past Mrs. Gomes, quite distracted.)

Mrs. Gomes: Good evening, Mrs. Marto.

Olimpia: (distracted) Oh, good evening, Mrs. Gomes.

Mrs. G: Why, Mrs. Marto, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!

Olimpia: Well, yes, I mean, no. Look I can’t really talk about this.

Mrs. G: I understand, Olimpia. I won’t say a word to nobody! (Mrs. M turns to walk away) No, ma’am. Especially not your husband. (Mrs. M stops in her tracks) Good evening, Mrs. Marto.

Olimpia: Look, Imelda, promise you won’t say anything.

Mrs. G: Who, me? Perish the thought.

Olimpia: Look, Imelda, it’s... (exasperated) Francisco and Jacinta said they saw a beautiful lady at the Cova da Iria this afternoon.

Mrs. G: The Cova? A rich lady in the Cova?

Olimpia: Well, they obviously saw someone. She said she was from heaven.

Mrs. G: No!

Olimpia: And she wants them to see her at the Cova the next few months at noon on the 13th of the month. I don’t know what to make of it.

Mrs. G: I understand, dear.

Olimpia: You won’t tell a soul, will you, Mrs. Gomes?

Mrs. G: Not a word.

Olimpia: Please don’t. I’m sure it’s nothing. I’m on my way to Maria Rosa’s house to ask Lucy what she saw, because she was with them. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Mrs. G: Yes, of course, Mrs. Marto, I understand.

Olimpia: Say nothing, Mrs. Gomes.

Mrs. G: Nothing. Good evening.

Olimpia: Good evening.

(As Mrs. M goes, the camera follows Mrs. G, who meets another village lady.)

Mrs. G: Mrs. Guerra, you’ll never guess what Mrs. Marto’s children have been telling her! Well, it seems that…

Scene 16

Setting: The dos Santos house

Maria Rosa

(Olimpia comes to the dos Santos house, and knocks on the door, Lucia is picking up the dishes from the table, Maria is wiping the table, Antonio is relaxing with a bottle, while Maria Rosa sweeps around the table. Lucia opens the door.)

Lucia: (pleased, yet concerned) Auntie Olimpia.

Maria Rosa: (stops sweeping) Hello, Olimpia.

Olimpia: Hello. Antonio, Maria Rosa, I need to talk to Lucia, if I can.

Maria Rosa: Oh?

Olimpia: Yes. You see, when Jacinta and Francisco came home from the fields today, and they said…

(Lucy’s mom gives her a stern look.)

Scene 17


Sr. L: And my aunt told my parents what Jacinta told them.

Sr. H: How did they react?

Sr. L: My dad didn’t know what to make of it. My mother was convinced I was lying, and if there’s one thing my mother hated, it was lying.

Sr. H: So what happened next?

Sr. L: (laughs) Months of my mother thinking that I was lying to her. But we were able to go to the Cova on June 13th, as we promised.

Scene 18

Setting: The Cova

Our Lady
Maria Rosa
Mrs. Gomes
Maria Carreira
Mr. Carreira
Joano Carreira
3 Carreira children
small crowd

Sr. L: (off camera) It was the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, the patron Saint of Portugal at the time, and of our parish. My mother and sisters said I wouldn’t go to the Cova, because they knew how much I loved a festival. Jacinta’s parents were away buying oxen, but my mother resolved to wait for us at the Cova.

Maria Rosa: (looking around nervously) I’ll hide here and wait to see what happens. (A few villagers show up, including Mrs. Gomes. MR hides behind bushes so as to not be seen.)

Mrs. G: Honest to goodness, that’s what she said.

Manuel: Really?

Mrs. G: Oh, yes. Cross my heart, Manuel. I wonder if Mrs. dos Santos is the one putting such a thing into their heads.

Manuel: Well, even if she isn’t from heaven, it would be worthwhile if it gets Catholics together to pray.

(more villagers walk by.)

Maria Rosa: Oh, my! There must be at least thirty people here waiting to see the Lady! If nothing happens, I’ll be the laughingstock of the village! Perhaps if I can just sneak past the… (looks both ways and zips off.)

(Mr. Carreira gathers the children to himself, Mrs. Carreira gets her purse ready. Joano is crippled.)

Mr. Carreira: Maria, don’t be a fool! Do you really think you’re going to see her?

Mrs. Carreira: If there was a rumor that the King of Portugal was passing by here, you would come here, wouldn’t you? So why should we ignore the Queen of Heaven?

Mr. Carreira: (turning away, emphatic) You’re a fool, Maria, a fool! Come on kids.

Mrs. Carreira: Children, don’t you want to see the Virgin Mary?

Oldest child: No, Mom, we’d rather go to the St. Anthony Day Festival.

Mrs. C: (to the crippled child) Joano, would you rather go to the Festival or with me?

Joano C: With you, Mother.

Mrs. C: Let’s go. (Mrs. C and Joano C walk/limp one way, the rest of the family goes the other way)

(The three seers walk alone)

Francisco: (to Jacinta) Nice going, Jacinta. You had to open your mouth.

Lucia: You promised not to say anything. Now my mother thinks that I’m lying to her, and has made my life difficult ever since.

Jacinta: (crying) I couldn’t help it. It was almost like something made me tell her.

Lucia: But you promised!

Francisco: Yes!

Jacinta: (upset) All right! I won’t tell anybody, ever again.

(the children come to the Cova, kneel down and start the Rosary. Little by little, the townsfolk come, including Mrs. G, Manuel, and Mrs & Joano C., but none of the parents. A flash of light.)

Lucia: The lightning! She’s coming!

Townsfolk: What lightning! I didn’t see!

(The Blessed Mother lands on the tree. General hubbub, though Mrs. Gomes is heard above all.)

Mrs. G: Look at the branches! The tree moved!

(The Blessed Mother is on the tree. General hubbub turns to awe. Eventually all kneel. The sun dims, light of various colors shines. The Blessed Mother stands on the tree, looking at first to the faithful, then to the chikdren.)

Mrs. C: See that cloud, child? The Blessed Mother is behind it. Did you see the tree bend?

Joano C: Yes, Mama.

Lucia: Your Grace asked me to come here. What do you want of me?

Our Lady: A want you to come here on the 13th of next month, to pray the Rosary each day, and to learn how to read. Later, I will tell you what I want.

Lucia: There is a sick person I would like you to cure.

Our Lady: If he is converted, he will be healed during the year.

Lucia: I would like to ask you to take us to heaven.

Our Lady: Yes, I will take Jacinta and Francisco soon. But you are to stay here some time longer. Jesus wishes to make use of you to make me known and loved. He wants to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. To whoever embraces this devotion I promise salvation; those souls shall be dear to God as flowers placed by me to adorn His throne.

Lucia: (sadly) Am I to stay here alone?

Our Lady: No, my daughter. Do you suffer a great deal? Don’t lose heart. I will never forsake you. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.

(Our Lady opens her hands and reveals the Immaculate Heart in her right hand, on fire and covered with thorns)

Sr. L: (not seen) We understood that this was the Immaculate Heart of Mary, outraged by the sins of humanity and seeking reparation.

(Our Lady then looks kindly, but sadly on the children and drifts away.)

Lucia: She’s leaving! She’s leaving!

Townsfolk: (light hubbub)

Mrs. G: Well, I’ll be!

Manuel: (To Lucy) What did she say?

Lucia: I can’t tell, it’s a secret.

Mrs. G: Why is it a secret?

Lucia: (shrugs and walks away)

Manuel: (Examining the tree) It looks as though someone were standing on it.

Mrs. G: And the leaves moved as if something were pulling them to the east as she was leaving.

Manuel: I heard the voice, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. Could you make out what she said?

Mrs. G: You heard a voice?

(Three children leave as the townsfolk are in general rancor.)

Jacinta: God loves us so much to want to share that Heart with us.

Lucia: Now, don’t tell anyone. I don’t know why, but I think God wants to keep it a secret, at least for now.

Jacinta: Are you all right, Francisco?

Francisco: (sad and lost on thought) Why did she have that Heart in her hand? She looked so sad.

Jacinta: She said that Heart was our refuge in God.

Sr. L: (as they walk off) I know our Lady didn’t tell us to keep it a secret, but it seemed to me to be what God wanted.

Scene 19


Sr. L: Besides, how can I explain it? No human words can describe the vision.

Sr. H: So, how did your mother react?

Sr. L: She didn’t believe me. In fact, she took me up to see the parish priest.

Scene 20

Setting Fr. F’s office

Maria Rosa
Fr. Ferreira
Fr. F’s secretary

Sr. L: (offscreen) We didn’t exchange a word the entire way up there.

(Maria Rosa and Lucy walk up to the secretary’s desk.)

Sec: Good morning, Mrs. dos Santos.

Maria Rosa: Good morning.

Sec: Father Ferreira would like to see you privately before he sees the children, Mrs. dos Santos.

Maria Rosa: Thank you. (to Lucia in a hushed, angry tone) Don’t annoy me any more! Tell Reverend Father now that you lied, so on Sunday he can say in the church that it was all a lie, and that would be the end of the while affair. Imagine! People coming from all over to pray to a bush!

(she goes offscreen as Lucia sits down on the bench in Father’s office. Jacinta and Francisco come in. Lucia gets up when they come in.)

Lucia: Francisco! Jacinta! I didn’t expect you here!

Francisco: Reverend Father told our parents to bring us here.

Lucia: My mother invented endless threats to frighten me about this interview.

Francisco: Mama and Daddy never did that.

Jacinta: That’s OK, even if they beat us, we’ll have that much more to suffer for sinners.

(Father F. and MR walk into the room. Children stand at attention when they do.)

Fr. F: Ah, children.

Lucia and Francisco: Good morning, Father. (Jacinta looks suspiciously, not saying anything.)

Fr. F: (pleasantly) Please be seated. (Jacinta and Francisco sit down on the bench, Lucia sits beside her mother by the door.)

Fr. F: Would you like some candy, children?

Lucia: Thank you, Father, but no.

Fr. F: (taken aback, sits behind his desk) Well, all right, then. Francisco, Jacinta, come here. (They go to the desk.)

Fr. F: Did your parents not come?

Francisco: No, Reverend Father.

Fr. F: Ah, that’s a pity. (pleasantly) Well, the important thing is that you’re here. Did you children see a lady at the Cova the other day?

Francisco: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: What did she look like?

Francisco: Well, Father, she…it almost seemed that she was made of light. You could distinguish her hands from her clothes, but it seemed to be made of light, and not flesh.

Fr. F: OK, and what was the first thing she said to you?

Francisco: I couldn’t hear her, Father. Lucia and Jacinta could, but I couldn’t.

Fr. F: Oh, really? And why would that be, Francisco?

Francisco: (shrugs his shoulders) I don’t know, Father.

Fr. F: Do you have trouble hearing, Francisco?

Francisco: No, Father. My hearing is fine.

Fr. F: Do you hear your teacher in school all right during lecture?

Francisco: Yes, Father, and during story time.

Fr. F: What about my sermons. Do you have any trouble understanding my sermons?

Francisco: No, Father.

Fr. F: Really? What did I preach on last Sunday?

Francisco: The need to honor your parents, and help them with the chores, and take care of them when they get old. And you told a joke about a farmer and his cow that wasn’t funny.

Fr. F: (trying to stay pleasant) I guess you have no problem hearing, Francisco. Or staying awake.

(Fr. F: laughs, the only person in the room laughing)

Fr. F: (getting frustrated) So, why is it that you have problems hearing her?

Francisco: I don’t know, Father.

Fr. F: Jacinta, you hear her, don’t you?

(Jacinta won’t answer.)

Fr. F: What did she say this time at the Cova?

(No answer)

Francisco: Lucy said…

Fr. F: (gradually getting more angry) I was asking your sister. I thought you couldn’t hear?

Francisco: My sister and cousin told me everything afterward.

Fr. F: I see. Jacinta, will you say nothing?


Fr. F: If you’re going to be difficult, then just run away. Do as you like. Lucia?

(Jacinta kneels and prays the Rosary silently, Francisco sits down.)

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: Come here! (Lucia walks up to Fr. F’s desk.) What did you see at the Cova on the 13th?

Lucia: It was a woman, Father.

Fr. F: And who is this woman, Lucia, was it Our Lady?

Lucia: She didn’t say who she was, Reverend Father, she just said she was from heaven.

Fr. F: Why did she come to see you?

Lucia: She said she would tell us later.

Jacinta: In October.

Lucia: Yes, Father, in October.

Fr. F: Really. So why do you come to see her when you don’t even know why she came to see you?

Lucia: We promised her, Father.

Fr. F: What did she tell you in May?

Lucia: She said she would take Jacinta and Francisco to heaven soon, and would leave me here a while longer.

Jacinta: But Francisco has to say many Rosaries first.

Fr. F: (to Jacinta) Hey! You had your chance to speak and you said nothing. Why are you speaking now?

(No answer.)

Fr. F: What else did she say?

Lucia: She wants us to come to the Cova at noon on the 13th for the next four months. Then she will tell us what she wants.

Fr. F: Did you ask this Lady about the war?

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: What did she say?

Lucia: She said she wouldn’t tell us. She had to tell us what she wanted first.

Fr. F: Really. Now, what did she say on the Feast of St. Anthony?

Lucia: We can’t say. It’s a secret.

Fr. F: It’s a secret.

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: (laughs) It’s a secret! God appointed me to be your pastor, but He doesn’t want me to know what heaven says to you.

(To Mrs. DS) It doesn’t seem to me like a revelation from heaven. It is usual in such cases for our Lord to tell the one to whom He makes such communications to give his parish priest or confessor an account of what happened. But this child, on the contrary, keeps it to herself as far as she can. This may well be a deceit of the devil. We shall see. The future will show us what we are to think of it all. I wish you all a good day.

Maria Rosa: Good morning, Father.

Children: (Lucy haunted) Good morning, Father.

(The others leave Father to do paperwork at his desk. Lucia eventually collects herself and leaves after the words “invention of the devil” below.)

Sr. L: (not seen) Those words of Father haunted me: “All that is an invention of the devil.”

Scene 21


Sr. L: My mother and sisters reinforced that idea to me constantly, as well.

Sr. H: What a scary thought, Sister.

Sr. L: Yes. Keep in mind that I was only ten years old. How much this thought made me suffer, only God knows. I started to think that the devil was using these means to make me lose my soul.

Scene 22

Setting: dos Santos house


Sr. L: (offscreen) So, on July 12th, the day before we were to see our Lady again, I made a decision.

(Lucia is sweeping the floor, alone in the house. Jacinta and Francisco walk in without knocking.)

Francisco: Lucia! We’ve been trying to find you all week. It’s almost like you’re avoiding us.

Lucia: (not pleased to see them, but pretending to be.) Oh, don’t be silly.

Jacinta: Aren’t you excited to be seeing the Lady again tomorrow?

Lucia: I won’t be there tomorrow.

Francisco: What?!? You promised her!

Lucia: Yes, I promised the devil I could let him deceive me more.

Jacinta: It’s not the devil. The devil is ugly and lives underground in hell. But this Lady is so beautiful, and we saw her go to heaven!

Lucia: My momma wants me to tell everyone that I made the whole thing up. I think I will.

Jacinta: You can’t say that! That’s a lie, and telling lies is a sin!

Lucia: OK, I won’t lie, but I’m still not going. If it’s the devil, why should I go see him?

(Jacinta starts crying.)

Lucia: Why are you crying?

Jacinta: Because you don’t want to go.

Lucia: Listen, if the Lady asks for me, tell her I’m afraid it might be the devil, so I won’t come.

Francisco: (crying and very upset) How can you think it’s the devil? Didn’t you see God in that great light? If you must speak for us, how can we go without you?

(Lucia runs away. The other children look at each other and then walk out sadly.)

Scene 23

Setting: dos Santos home.

Maria Rosa

Sr. L: (offscreen) I hid most of the day, and didn’t come home until nightfall.

(back at the dos Santos house. Mrs. DS is knitting, and Maria is folding towels when Luca walks in.)

Maria Rosa: What a nice little saint you are! All day while you were supposed to watching sheep, you go out and play.

Maria: (carrying a stack of folded towels) And I had to do your chores for you. (walks off)

Maria Rosa: As if that weren’t bad enough, you hid on us so we couldn’t find you. Set the table. After supper, you go straight to your room. (Struck with a thought) Oh rubbish! Antonio, did you remember to…

(Lucia sets the table, as she sets the table, Francisco pokes his head in the door.)

Francisco: (whispering) Psst! Lucia!

Lucia: What do you want?

Francisco: (still whispering) Come here.

(Lucia walks to the door.)

Francisco: Aren’t you going tomorrow?

Lucia: I already told you, no! I’m not going back any more. You and Jacinta do as you like.

Francisco: What a shame! Why do you think that way. Don’t you see that it can’t be the devil? God is already sad enough on account of our sins. If you don’t go, He’ll be sadder still. Come with us.

Lucia: No. Go away. (Lucia returns to setting the table. Francisco goes away sad.)

Sr. L: Francisco told me later that he cried the whole night, because he didn’t know who was going to talk to our Lady.

Scene 24

Outside the Marto House


Sr. L: (offscreen) So on the morning of July 13th, we were quite surprised to see thousands of people coming from all over Portugal. Somehow or other, I felt moved to go in and see my cousins.

(Townsfolk walk by, saying the Rosary. Lucia walks by the Marto house, hesitating, indecisive about whether to go in. Finally, she stomps her foot and walks right up to the front door and walks in without knocking.)

Scene 25

The Marto house


(Lucia goes in and finds Jacinta and Francisco. Jacinta is crying.)

Lucia: Hello.

Francisco: (Somber) Hi.

Jacinta: (Snapping at her) What do you want?

Lucia: Aren’t you going? All these people are here to see the Lady.

Jacinta: No. Not without you.

Francisco: We won’t dare. Please come, Lucia.

Lucia: All right.

Francisco: (brightened up) You’ll come?

Lucia: I’m going with you.

(Jacinta hugs Lucia. All are excited)

Francisco: It’s almost time. Let’s go! (They run out.)

Scene 26

setting: The Cova da Iria

Our Lady
Carreira family
Maria Rosa
Mrs. Gomes
Joano M.
Mr. do Varmo
Mrs. do Varmo

(The crowd gradually assemble, more pious than curious. Many of them have umbrellas to protect them from the sun, and most are praying the Rosary.)

(The Carreira family are putting on the finishing touches of a simple portico with a cross and two lamps, close to the tree. Mrs. C lights the lamp.)

Mr. C: I should very much like to see this Lady.

Mrs. C: Is everybody ready to ask her your petitions?

C Children: Yes, mama.

Mrs. C: And what are you going to ask our Lady when she comes, Joano?

Joano C: To make me holy, and take me to heaven.

Mr. C: Don’t you want the Mother of the Savior to heal you?

Joano C: Only if it makes me a better Christian, Papa.

(The parents smile and look over the portico.)

(The Marto family, Lucia, and Maria Rosa walk together. Maria Rosa stops frozen, Olimpia stops for Maria Rosa, and the rest move on.)

Olimpia: What’s wrong, Maria Rosa?

Maria Rosa: What are we doing here? There are more people here in the Cova than I’ve seen in my entire life. Why are they here?

Olimpia: Now, you heard what Mrs. Gomes and Mrs. Carreira said.

Maria Rosa: Mrs. Gomes is crazy.

Olimpia: But Mrs. Carreira isn’t. And Manuel even heard something. You can believe Manuel, couldn’t you?

Maria Rosa: What if nothing happens? It looks like there are hundreds… (Looks around, shocked by what she sees) My gosh! Thousands of people here, on my property. What if they came to see that my daughter is a liar?

Olimpia: Well, there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there? Let’s stay and watch from here.

(Mrs. DS goes in her purse and pulls out a blessed candle, her hands shaking from nerves.)

Olimpia: My goodness, Maria Rosa, what on earth is that for?

Maria Rosa: (Dead serious) Well, if it’s the devil, then we’ll give him what for and drive him away.

(The children come)

(Manuel paves the way for the three shepherds.)

Manuel: Make way! It’s the little shepherds.

(Mrs. Gomes stands with the do Varmos.)

Mrs. G: Don’t they look lovely! Yoo-hoo (waves)

(The children come up to the tree and kneel. Lucia leads the Rosary through a couple of Hail Marys when she gets up. When they kneel down, the crowd becomes silent.)

Lucia: Close the umbrellas! She’s coming!

(The sun dims and shines different colors. Our Lady comes on the branches. All kneel down. MR breaks down in tears on Olimpia’s shoulder.)

Jacinta: (to Lucia) Lucia! Lucia, speak! She wants to speak to you.

Lucia: What does Your Grace want of me?

Our Lady: I want you to come here on the 13th of next month, and to continue praying the Rosary every day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary, in order to obtain peace for the world and the end of the war, because only she can help you.

Lucia: I would also like to ask you to tell us who you are, and to work a miracle so that everybody will believe that you are appearing to us.

Our Lady: Continue to come here every month. In October, I will tell you who I am and what I want, and I will perform a miracle for all to see and believe.

Lucia: Stefania would like help with her arm.

Our Lady: Tell her to pray much. Our Lady of the Rosary will help her.

Lucia: (Smiles) And help Mrs. Marros with her eyes.

Our Lady: She will need to pray much.

Lucia: Will Joano ever learn to walk? (Joano C's parents whisper to Joano C

Our Lady: No. In His wisdom, God has ordained that he will be poor his whole life. But if he prays the Rosary every day, he will always have enough. Tell them that only Our Lady of the Rosary can help you. She will obtain all the graces they need during the year. (More earnestly) Sacrifice yourselves for sinners and say many times, especially when you make some sacrifice: O Jesus, it is for love of you, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Replay shot of Our Lady opening her hands

(The children look down at something. A red light shines on them. Their eyes get wide and they shriek in fear.)
Sr. L: (offscreen) As she spoke, she opened her hands once more. The rays of light seemed to penetrate the earth, and we saw it as if it were a sea of fire. Plunged in this fire were demons and souls in human form, like transparent burning embers, all blackened and floating about in the fire and falling back, without weight or equilibrium, amid shrieks of pain and despair. If our Lady had not promised to take us to heaven, I think we would have died of fear.

(Our Lady closes her hands, and the children look up at her.)

Our Lady: You have seen hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end. But if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given to you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes by means of war, famine, persecutions of the Church, and persecutions of the Holy Father. To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, and the Holy Father will have much to suffer. Various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world. In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will be preserved…

[Parenthetical scene: sisters

Sr. L: I’m sorry, I spoke too much.

Sr. H: Go on, Sister.

Sr. L: Well, after she finished telling us the secret... ]

Our Lady: Do not tell this to anybody.

(Lucia looks over at Francisco)

Our Lady: Francisco? Yes, you may tell him. When you say your Rosary, say after each mystery, “O, my Jesus, forgive us, save us from the fire of hell. Lead all souls into heaven, especially those who are most in need.”

(A slight pause)

Lucia: Is there anything more you want of me?

Our Lady: No, I do not want anything more of you today.

(Amid silence, Our Lady leaves like she did before. The sun again brightens.)

Lucia: (Jumping up, looking in the air) There she goes! (pause, the hubbub starts again) She’s gone now!

(The children peel away ,Manuel, Mrs. G, and the do Varmos get closer to tree)

Manuel: My God! You saw the leaves bristle when she left, didn’t you?

Mrs. G: And the cloud!

Mr. DV: (to Mrs. DV) Well, what did you think, Rita?

Mrs. DV: Well, it was something.

Mr. DV: Do you believe it was the Virgin Mary?

Mrs. DV: I don’t know what to think.

Mr. DV: Neither do I. I think I know how to find out, though. (He laughs. They walk away)

(Ti and Joano M meet the seers, Manuel follows close by.)

Ti: Lucia, why did you scream?

Lucia: Did I scream?

Ti: Yes, you did.

Manuel: What was it, Lucia?

Lucia: (distracted and still shaken) She made us promise not to say.

Ti: (A little suspicious) Did she, now?

(all walk off, except Manuel, who looks at the tree.)

Scene 27


Sr. H: So, did your mother believe you when she saw it?

Sr. L: (smiling) No. (laughs)

Sr. H: Oh, dear!

Sr. L: I know, I know. But we offered ourselves as victims, remember?

Scene 28

Setting: Outside the Marto house.

Maria Rosa
Joano M

(Joano is beating the rug. MR walks on, dragging Lucia by the ear. Joano looks at the rug and walks in with it while Maria Rosa yells at Lucia.)

Sr. L: My mother took me again to Fr. Ferreira’s office.

Maria Rosa: When we get to the rectory, you will kneel down, tell him you lied, and ask for pardon. Do you understand me? I’m going to stop in your aunt Olimpia’s house to tell Jacinta and Francisco to stop it, as well.

(MR storms in the Marto house. After a minute, Jacinta comes out crying.)

Jacinta: I will tell Francisco, and we’ll pray for you over by the well.

Lucia: Thank you, Jacinta.

(Jacinta runs off, and then MR walks out and grabs Lucia by the arm.)

Maria Rosa: Let’s go.

Lucia: But, Mother.

Maria Rosa: I don’t want to hear it.

(They walk off.)

Scene 29

Setting: Fr. F’s office

Maria Rosa
Fr. Ferreira

(The secretary is dusting his bookshelves at Fr. F’s office. A knock at the door.)

Sec: Come in!

(MR and Lucia walk in.)

Sec: Ah, Mrs. dos Santos. Welcome. Father Ferreira will be right with you. I’ll just go and tell him you’re here. (Leaves)

Lucia: But how can I say that I did not see, when I did see?

Maria Rosa: (Stops for a moment. Less angry.) Just listen to me. I just want you to tell the truth. If you saw, say so. But if you didn’t see, admit to Father that you lied. You don’t want to lie to a man of God, do you?

(Lucia shakes her head. Father F walks in.)

Fr. F: A very good morning, Mrs. dos Santos.

Maria Rosa: Good morning, Father.

Fr. F: (kindly) And how are you this morning, Lucia?

Lucia: Very well, thank you, Father. I hope yours is pleasant also.

Fr. F: (smiling) God bless you, my daughter. Come sit next to me, Lucia.

(Fr. F and Lucia sit next to each other on a bench or a couch.)

Fr. F: Now, Lucia, can you swear to me on the Scriptures that you saw the lady again last week.

Lucia: Yes, Father, we did.

Fr. F: Good. Now, I don’t want you to be nervous, child. Most of the people at the Cova were profoundly affected by this… (looks at MR) this event. And I appreciate it that many of my best parishioners are coming together to pray the Rosary. So, what has our Lady told you?

Lucia: Well, Father, she wanted much of it to be kept secret.

Fr. F: Oh? What can you tell me?

Lucia: Well, of the people that wanted cures, she said that some of them will be cured within the year if they pray for it.

Fr. F: Good. That’s good to hear. Now why didn’t she keep that a secret?

Lucia: I don’t question her, Father. I only do what she says.

Fr. F: I see.

Lucia: Oh, and she taught us to add a prayer to the Rosary.

Fr. F: Oh? And what was that, Lucia?

Lucia: Oh, my Jesus, forgive us our sins, and save us from the fires of hell. And lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need.

Fr. F: Really? Why, that’s a nice prayer, Lucia. Did the Lady teach you that?

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: Now who are the souls most in need? The souls in purgatory?

Lucia: No, Father, sinners.

Fr. F: Sinners.

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: Now you know that the Church wants us to pray often for the souls in purgatory.

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: And that our parish has a large confraternity for the souls in purgatory.

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: So, why don’t you and I agree to say that the prayer is for the souls in purgatory? (Lucia looks incredulous) That way, we could convince more of the Faithful at our parish to say the prayer.

Lucia: But Father, that’s not what she meant. She meant sinners.

Fr. F: How do you know what she meant?

Lucia: We all knew what she meant.

Fr. F: (looking at MR) Now, don’t you think that it’s peculiar that our Lady should be telling you things without allowing you to say them? If heaven has something to say, shouldn’t Catholics from around the world be able to hear it?

Lucia: First of all, she hasn’t told us who she is yet. She just said she was from heaven. Second, she said she would come again to tell us what she wants. Perhaps she will tell you then.

Fr. F: (looking again at MR) Yes, well, why tell you in the first place?

Lucia: She’s from heaven. Would you argue with someone from heaven, Father?

Fr. F: (perplexed) What about Francisco? Did he hear her?

Lucia: No, Father.

Fr. F: So, did you tell him this… this secret?

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: Well, then, it’s not much of a secret then, is it?

Lucia: The Lady specifically told us to tell him.

Fr. F: So, why does she let you tell him and not me, your pastor?

Lucia: Father, you’re the one who tells us not to question adults.

Fr. F: (bewildered) Thank you, Lucia. You can go now.

Lucia: Thank you, Father.

(Fr. F gives Maria Rosa a look of bewilderment and shrugs his shoulders. MR is quietly disappointed.)

Maria Rosa: Let’s go, Lucia.

Scene 30

Setting: The well


(Jacinta and Francisco are by the well. Lucia runs toward them.)

Jacinta: Lucia! (The two hug) Well, how did it go?

Lucia: The Lady was with me. Father tried to trick me. I don’t know where my answers came from, Jacinta.

Jacinta: You see, Lucia, the Lady will always help us. We must never be afraid!

(Lucia tags Jacinta)

Lucia: It! (The seers run off laughing.)

Scene 31


Sr. H: And did your mother believe you yet?

Sr. L: My mother? No.

Sr. H: Oh, dear!

Sr. L: Yes. The beatings became more intense. I even overheard my mother tell a stranger that she didn’t care if I was beaten to death, as long as I tell the truth. And my family blamed me for the poor crops that year. Because of the traffic, we weren’t able to plant anything at the Cova that year.

Scene 32

Setting: Cova da Iria

Maria Rosa

(MR and Lucia come to the Cova. Maria Rosa is grabbing Lucia by the arm and throws her to the ground and starts yelling at her)

Maria Rosa: (Very upset, pointing around) You see this? You see this? Last year, there were beans, there was corn, and peas, and yams, and carrots, and turnips, and cucumbers. Now, there's just a holm-oak tree and a little altar to Our Lady! The strangers have trampled our crops and their animals ate the rest of it! If you’re hungry, let the Lady feed you! You worthless… Liar! (stomps off crying. Lucia walks slowly off)

Sr. L: I knew she was under a lot of strain, and she rightly thought of me as being unworthy of such a favor. By a special grace of God, I never harbored any resentment for how she treated me.

Scene 33


Sr. L: I knew that the Angel had announced that God would send me sufferings, so I saw the hand of God in this. I didn’t love my mother and esteem her the less for how she treated me, I loved her more and thought the better of her.

Sr. H: (shaking her head) My, my, Sister.

Sr. L: Oh, I knew she still loved me. When I got sick that summer, she took special care of me. But … I’m sure you’d like to hear about August.

Sr. H: Yes. I imagined things got better, right?

Sr. L: Well, no. Up until then, we had to deal with hecklers and the sort. Mrs. do Varmo was particularly vicious. In August, we had to deal with the freemasonic government of Portugal at the time. The administrator of the city of Ourem was determined to put an end to the apparitions.

Scene 34

Setting: Tinsmith’s office


(The camera focuses on the picture of the Tinsmith hanging on the wall behind hid desk. A puff of smoke flies past the picture. The camera gradually goes back until it gets to the Tinsmith in the same pose and in the same proportions as the picture was. The Tinsmith puffs away at his cigar. Eventually, he walks from behind his desk and paces briskly in front of his desk, as Jose stands next to the Tinsmith’s desk, picking his teeth.)

Jose: Suppose they just have an accident, boss.

Tin: No, no, no. You know how these stupid Christians are. They’ll come by the thousand from all over Portugal to venerate their little (making quotation marks with his fingers) “martyrs”. No. It won’t do. (Stops pacing and walks to Jose, with his cigar in his hand) Now look, Jose, These are just kids, right?

Jose: Yeah, boss.

Tin: It can’t be too hard for worldly men like ourselves to outwit ignorant peasant children, would it?

Jose: No, boss, you’re right.

Tin: You bet, I’m right. That’s why I’m administrator of this dump. Brains run in my family.

Jose: Yeah, that’s right, boss.

Tin: And soon, once we get rid of this superstitious nonsense, (puts his cigar on the desk, causing a small paper fire) all Portugal will come to us and say, “Thank you for releasing us …

Jose: Uh, boss?

Tin: I’m not finished, Jose. releasing us from the bonds of medieval ignorance…

Jose: Uh, boss, your desk...

Tin: Ah! (Jose puts the fire out with a vase of flowers. The Tinsmith picks up his cigar, looks on it with disgust, and throws it on the floor.) Anyway, where were we, Jose?

Jose: You were telling me how smart you were, boss.

Tin: Ah, yes. So, how do we stop them, Jose?

Jose: Let’s kill the brats.

Tin: No.

Jose: Break their kneecaps, then.

Tin: No.

Jose: Sic the hounds on them.

Tin: No.

Jose: Cut off their thumbs.

Tin: No.

Jose: Shove a red hot poker up their toenails?

Tin: No.

Jose: Poke them in the eye with a sharp stick?

Tin: (after giving it about eight seconds serious consideration) Mmmmmmmmmno!

Jose: How about a couple of black eyes?

Tin: No.

Jose: Pinch them so it leaves a red mark.

Tin: No.

Jose: Make them listen to your poetry?

Tin: (after an anguished look, looks at Jose for a couple of seconds) Ahem! No, Jose, we don’t want to reward them, either. Oh, no. We just need to get them to admit they’ve been lying, or to tell us this so-called secret of theirs. (A light bulb that happens to be over his head turns on, walks to Jose) Jose, why don’t I send them a nice letter “inviting” them to come to Ourem for a visit. I don’t suppose one of them has ever ridden in a nice motorcar like I have.

(Tinsmith sits behind the desk and pulls out a fountain pen and paper, fills the pen with ink) I’m sure they’ll jump at the opportunity. What are their names, anyway?

Jose: (pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket) Wait a second boss, let me get my reading glasses. (takes off sunglasses and puts on smaller sunglasses) Their names are: Bread, milk, cider, eggs, tomatoes, artichokes, onions, and something for junior’s rash.

Tin: (Threw his pen I the air when Jose started) I’m guessing that’s not their names, Jose. What idiot would give his kids ridiculous names like that?

Jose: Well, you named your kids Victor Hugo, Liberty, and Democracy, boss.

Tin: Just find their names, will you?

Jose: Oh. (pulls out another piece of paper) Uh, Lucia dos Santos

Tin: (nodding, writing it down) That’s right.

Jose: Jacinta Marto and her brother Francisco.

Tin: Yes. Now we’re getting somewhere. They live in Aljustrel, right?

Jose: That’s right, boss.

Tin: (thinks for a moment, then gets a silly grin on his face) My dearest Lucia. (starts laughing) This is like taking candy from a baby. Jose, pour me some ale, will you.

Jose: (laughing) Right away, boss. (Jose pulls out two large mugs and fills them with ale that is kept in the cupboard while the Tinsmith is writing.)

Tin: It would be my privilege to have you come to the administrative… palace. (laughing, and grabs the mug from Jose.) Cheers, old friend.

Jose: (Laughing) Cheers, mon capitain. (They click glasses and drink.)

Tin: (never lets go of the mug) This is too easy. Please come on Thursday morning around ten. We would also like it if your adorable little friends Jacinta and Francisco were to tag along. I’ll give you a ride in my fancy new motorcar, and we will have lots of games and surprises for you all. See you then. (to Jose) Should I make this seem formal, Jose?

Jose: Yeah. Maybe you could send it by decree or something.

Tin: Good thinking, Jose. (writing) Decreed by Artur de Oliveira Santos, Administrator of Ourem, August 9th, 1917.

Jose: Maybe you’d better put the time on it, too.

Tin: (He turns his left hand to check his wristwatch, spilling the ale all over the letter. A moment or two of disgust) Maybe you’d better just pay them a visit tomorrow, Jose.

Jose: Right, boss.

Scene 35

Setting: Outside of Martos’ house
2 shots


(Jose, riding a bike, comes to the Marto door and gets off the bike.)

(Jose knocks on the door. Ti opens the door.)

Jose: Good evening, sir, are you Manuel Marto?

Ti: (suspicious) I am.

Jose: Mind if I come in?

Scene 36

Setting: Marto house

Joano M

(Ti opens the door without saying a word. Jose comes in, waves to the children, getting no reaction, except that Olimpia grabs Jacinta. Jose hands Ti an official looking piece of paper.)

Jose: Mr. Marto, I have a summons for you. Yourself, Jacinta, and Francisco are to come to the town hall of Vila Nova by tomorrow at noon.

Antonio: Do you have one of those for me, too, officer.

Jose: Mr. dos Santos?

Antonio: Yes.

Jose: Why, yes, I do. (handing him the document) I expect to see the five of you there tomorrow promptly at noon. Good day.

(Jose waves to the Jacinta. Jacinta hides behind Olimpia’s skirt and then peeks out from behind it. Jose leaves. One can hear the sound of the bike bell seconds later.)

Olimpia: Kids, run out and play, will you?

(The kids do just that in silence.)

Ti: Do you believe this Antonio?

Antonio: Thousands of Catholics assembling is the last thing they want to see.

Ti: Do you have any idea how difficult this will be for the children to make this trip?

Antonio: Yes. We don’t have any horses, and we don’t have a fancy motorcar like the Tinsmith does. He only has one because he’s the administrator in Ourem.

Ti: It must be nine miles at least. We have mules, but Francisco can’t ride yet, let alone Jacinta.

Antonio: Well, Lucia got herself in this mess, let her explain herself. I’ve got to talk to Maria Rosa about this. (walks out reading the summons)

Ti: Well, what do you think, Olimpia?

Olimpia: They’d never be able to make the trip unless you went all night. Then how well would they be able to answer the Tinsmith?

Ti: He’s such a tricky liar, that I don’t like their chances in the best of times. Francisco and Jacinta are such simple souls. There’s no sense bringing children to court, at any rate.

Olimpia: Are you going to try to have them put it off, Ti?

Ti: No, I will go myself. And answer for them.

Olimpia: Ti! You could get into so much trouble!

Ti: It’s the only way, Olimpia. Let’s tell the kids. (both leave the house calling.)

Ti: Jacinta! Francisco! Joano!

Olimpia: Joano! Francisco!

scene 37

Setting: Marto house


Sr. L: (offscreen) My father, on the other hand, decided to let me speak for myself. He figured if I was lying, it would be good for me to be punished for it.

(Olimpia is making coffee. Door knocks.)

Olimpia: (Without coming to the door.) Come in, Antonio.

(Antonio & Lucia come in.)

Olimpia: Good morning Lucia, I have coffee for you, if you’d like some.

Antonio: No, thank you, Olimpia, we’re already running late. Isn’t Ti ready yet?

Olimpia: Yes. He’s still shaving.

Antonio: We’re going to be late. Ti! (walks as if to back room)

(Jacinta comes in PJs, rubbing her eyes.)

Olimpia: Good morning, Angel!

Jacinta: Good morning, Mama.

Olimpia: Oh, what is keeping your father. Ti! Ti!

(Olimpia goes.)

(Lucia and Jacinta look at each other for a long moment.)

Lucia: I may never see you again, Jacinta.

Jacinta: (bursts into tears. Lucia comes to hug her.) If they kill you, tell them that Francisco and I are just the same as you, and that we want to die, too. I’m going right now to the well with Francisco, and we’ll pray hard for you.

(Antonio and Ti & Olimpia come, Ti putting on his tie (no pun intended))

Antonio: Do you have provisions for the journey?

Ti: It’s out by the stable. Does Lucia know how to ride a donkey?

Antonio: Well, we … (Looks at Lucia and laughs) we practiced last night.

Ti: OK. Are we ready?

Olimpia: (Hugs her husband) Please be careful, Ti.

Ti: I will, Olimpia.

Olimpia: (kisses Lucia and makes the Sign of the Cross on her forehead) God keep you all safe and our Lady protect you.

Jacinta: (hugs her daddy, crying) Goodbye, Daddy. I love you.

Ti: (hugging her very tenderly) I love you too, my Princess.

Antonio: Ti! We’re going to be late!

Ti: What? Can’t a man say goodbye to his family?

Antonio: If we’re late, you won’t have anything to come home to!

(They leave, with Jacinta and Mrs. M looking out the window)

Sr. L: It was an ordeal going all the way to Vila Nova. I fell from the donkey three times. But it was much more of an ordeal when we got there.

(Olimpia & Jacinta go back sadly to their room.)

Scene 38

Setting: Outside the Marto house


Sr. L: (offscreen) Needless to say, My uncle Ti was reprimanded severely for not bringing my cousins. Then the Administrator interrogated me fiercely in the presence of my father and uncle, and a few strangers. He was determined to make me reveal the secret and to promise him never again to return to the Cova da Iria. To achieve this, he spared neither promises nor threats. Seeing that he was getting nowhere, he let me go, promising to achieve his end, even if it meant taking my life.

(Olimpia, Jacinta, Joano M and Francisco wait by the door. After some time, the weary travelers return, they greet Ti, wave to Antonio and Lucia, and rejoice with much affection. Antonio walks off.)

Sr. L: (Without a pause) What made me suffer the most was the indifference shown to me by my parents. I was all the more obvious to me because I saw the affection Jacinta and Francisco received from my aunt and uncle.

(Lucia looks at them for a moment, sighs, and then runs after her father.)

Scene 39


Sr. L: How heroic my uncle was to defend my cousins, while both my mother and my father said to my face that they didn’t care if I died, so long as I would stop lying. But I’d stop myself and say, “Lucia, you must be patient. You are suffering for the love of God. You are consoling Him and converting sinners.” That thought never failed to bring me consolation.

Sr. H: I bet the Administrator didn’t give up, did he.

Sr. L: Oh, no, Sister Hildegard

Sr. H: Henrietta, Sister.

Sr. L: Or... Henrietta. The freemasons hate God. If you get a devout one, his hatred is almost satanic.

Scene 40

Setting: Marto house

Msgr. Riveiro

Sr. L: The Tinsmith had a few more tricks up his sleeve. Two days later, on the morning of the August 13th, we were to see him again.

(Olimpia and Joano are cleaning. Antonio comes in without knocking.)

Olimpia: (unconcerned) Hello, Antonio.

Antonio: (Tired, hurried) The Tinsmith is coming. He wants to see the children.

Olimpia: St. Joseph! (starts to faint, caught by Antonio who brings her to a chair)

Antonio: Joano, get your mother a glass of water.

(He does so running, but she comes to before he returns.)

Olimpia: (To Antonio) Where’s Ti?

Antonio: Out in the fields, I guess.

Olimpia: (gets up and runs to the door, calling out in desperation) Manuel! Manuel! Come immediately!

(She goes in the door, satisfied he heard her. The clip-clop of horses is heard. There is the heavy sound of feet walking to the front door. A knock at the door.)

Antonio: (The only one looking out the window) Well, he does have a priest with him.

Olimpia: Be careful Antonio!

(Antonio opens the door.)

Antonio: Yes?

Tin: Mr. dos Santos?

Antonio: What do you want?

Tin: Can Father and I come in?

Antonio: Far be it for me to close the door on a priest. (Steps away, they enter.)

Tin: Mr. dos Santos, Mrs. Marto? I’d like you to meet Father Ferdinand Riveiro, the archpriest of Porto de Mos.

Fr. R: How do you do? (reaching his hand out to shake their hands)

Antonio: (Shaking Father’s hand) Good morning, Father.

Fr. R: And Mrs. Marto?

(Olimpia says nothing, but grabs hold of Joano and hides behind Antonio.)

Tin: Well, I guess you’re asking yourself...

(Ti runs in.)

Tin: (fake pleasantry) Mr. Marto, just the man I was hoping to see.

Ti: I bet I was. Who let this man in my house?

Tin: Please, Mr. Marto, please don’t let the unpleasantry of Friday cloud things for you.

Ti: Mr. Administrator, I...

Tin: You see, I too want to attend the miracle (gives them a moment for reaction, he gets a little nervous) We’re all going together. I will take the little ones in my carriage.

Ti: That will not be necessary, Mr. Administrator.

Tin: Nonsense, Mr. Marto, I don’t mind, at all.

Ti: Why do you want to come, Mr. Administrator?

Tin: To see and believe, like St. Thomas! (looks around, noticeably more nervous) So ... uh ... aren’t the little ones around?

Ti: They’re in the pasture, Mr. Administrator.

Tin: (To Joano, holding out candy) Now, would this be Francisco?

(Olimpia holds on to him, almost hiding him)

Ti: This is my son, Joano, Mr. Administrator.

Tin: Oh. (disappointed, pulling back candy) It’s getting late. It would be better to call them.

Ti: That’s not necessary. They are well aware of when they need to get back.

(right then, the three seers get back from the pasture.)

Tin: (holding out candy, pouring it on) Ah! My precious children!

(The children take a step back, afraid of him.)

Tin: Don’t you want some candy?

(The children shake their heads)

Tin: Well, we’d better get going. We’ll take my carriage.

Lucia: No thank you, sir, we know how to get there.

Tin: Come on, children.

Francisco: It’s not necessary, sir

Tin: It will be better that way.

Lucia: No, thank you, sir.

Ti: Mr. Admin...

Tin: We can be there in a moment and nobody will bother us on the way.

Ti: They know the way quite well, Mr. Administrator. They could go there alone.

Tin: Then let us go to Fatima. I have something to ask Fr. Ferreira.

(Ti and Antonio look at each other. Ti shakes his head, Antonio shrugs his shoulders)

Ti: Remember. The Cova by noon.

Tin: Oh, I insist!

(Other than the Tinsmith’s laughing, the seven process out the door to the carriage in silence.)

Scene 41

Setting: Fr. F’s office

Fr. Ferreira
Msgr. Riveiro

(Jose is roughing up Fr. Ferreira)

Jose: Now look, Padre (spitting on him with the “p”) you will do as you’re told, do you hear? (Throws him down and checks out the window) That’s them! Do as you’re told if you don’t want us to shut down your racket and put you into the joint to finish you off! (Jose drops the priest)

(Jose goes to corner by the door. A knock at the door.)

Fr. F: (Shaken up) C-come in

(Enter Tinsmith, Fr. R, Antonio, Ti, and the three seers)

Tin: Ah, good morning, Father.

Fr. F: Good morning, Mr. Administrator. Monsignor. Mr. dos Santos. Mr. Marto. Children.

(They nod.)

Tin: Well, let’s not waste time, Father, why did you call us over? Have a seat everybody.

(Jose stands, looking out a window. The tinsmith sits by the door. Antonio and Ti sit reluctantly on the bench/couch.)

Fr. R: If you’ll excuse me, Father, I’ll say my hours at the church.

Fr. F: Of course, Father.

(Fr. R leaves. Fr. F gives the tinsmith a glare, the tinsmith gives a nod)

Fr. F: Lucia. Who taught you to say the things you said?

Lucia: The Lady I saw at the Cova da Iria

Fr. F: You know, those who go about spreading such lies as you are doing will be judged and will go to hell if they are not true. More and more people are being deceived by you.

Lucia: Father, if liars go to hell, then I can sleep well, because I am not lying. I say only what I saw and what our Lady told me. And the people go there because they want to; we do not tell them to go.

Fr. F: (frustrated and tense) Is it true that the Lady told you a secret?

Lucia: Yes. I cannot tell it.

Fr. F: You cannot tell your pastor?

(Jose quietly nods to the Tinsmith)

Lucia: If your Reverence wants to know it, I will ask the Lady, and if she allows me to, I will tell you.

Tin: (getting up) Now, now, Father, (puts his hands on the shoulders of the children, influencing them to the door. Antonio & Ti start to stand) these are supernatural matters. Perhaps we should sleep on it a little. (to Jose) Let’s go!

(The Tinsmith grabs the kids, Jose cuts off the fathers)

Ti: Jacinta!

(Jose runs after them, so does Ti and Antonio)

Scene 42

Setting: Outside the rectory


(The Tinsmith packs the kids into a buggy. with the kids piled into it. Jose and the two fathers chase afterward. Jose gets on his bike and takes off.)

Tin: Get a move on!

(The driver snaps the whip and the horse and buggy takes off. Ti and Antonio runs after it.)

Jacinta: (as it takes off) Daddy! Daddy!

Ti: Jacinta! Francisco!

(Ti starts crying, kneels down [right by the camera] and realizes he can’t catch it. Antonio consoles Ti)

Ti: Jacinta!

(Ti breaks down, Antonio comforts him.)

Ti: My princess!

Antonio: (After some time) Let’s go, Ti.

(The two walk off slowly. At one point they look back for a long moment, both crying. Then they move on.)

Scene 43

Setting: street

Mrs. Gomes
Mr. DV
Mrs. DV
A few pilgrims

(The street is filled with pilgrims, including Mrs. G and Manuel, plus Mr & Mrs. DV. The horse and buggy rides through the scene.)

Lucia: Mayor! The Cova is the other way!

Tin: Keep it down! Faster, driver! (They drive off)

Mrs. G: (oblivious, waves to them) Yoo-hoo!

Mrs. DV: (spitting at them as they pass by) Now, how do you like being the center of attention, you little sorcerers?

Manuel: He’s kidnapped the seers!

Mr. DV: Ah, splendid!

Mrs. G: Oh, dear! Will the Lady come?

Manuel: Will we see the Lady?

Mr. DV: So, Imelda, do you think your Lady will come, now?

Mrs. G: Oh, shut up!

Mr. DV: Will you at least then concede that if your Lady doesn’t come today, that will be because the children didn’t play their tricks on you?

Mrs. G: And will you then concede that if she does, it will be because she came?

Mrs. DV: (laughing) Ah, that won’t happen. Get used to the idea.

Mrs. G: At least come and see.

Mrs. DV: Why should we? Those ignorant little brats won’t be here to play their trick.

Mr. DV: Besides, who wants to see the same magic trick more than once?

Scene 44

Setting Cova da Iria

Our Lady
Mrs. Gomes
Carreira family

(Some hubbub until Manuel runs in, followed by others, including Mrs. G)

Manuel: They’ve been abducted! They’ve been abducted!

Townsfolk: What? Huh?

Manuel: (exhausted) The Tinsmith. He kidnapped the shepherds!

Townsfolk: I don’t believe it! The cur! (Joano C cries)

(scene turns to bedlam until a thunderclap. The thunder shakes up the people, and is followed soon by lightning.)

Manuel: (pointing up) Look! The cloud! Our Lady’s coming!

(a pleasant murmur as Our Lady stands again on the tree. The sun again dims, and gives off colors.)

(Our Lady looks around and then leaves as usual.)

Mrs. G: She came!

Mr. C: Where are the seers!

Mrs C: It’s a pity they weren’t here.

Pilgrims: How dare that tyrant! Down with the Tinsmith! The Tyrant must go!

Manuel: And that puppet priest! Let’s go to Fatima to demand their freedom

Mr. C: And his removal.

All: Yeah!

(The peeps leave angry)

Scene 45

Setting: jail


(The Tinsmith and Jose take the kids and throw them in jail.)

Tin: Will you tell me your secret?

Lucia: We will not.

Tin: Well, I’m going to keep you in here until you tell me your secret. (Walks out with Jose)

Francisco: Well, this is a strange way to spend a summer afternoon

Lucia: It’s past noon. We missed the Lady.

Jacinta: (upset) Oh, no.

Francisco: I wonder if our Lady will appear to us here.

(an excited wait in silence)

All: (together, sad) Sigh!

(Adelina comes in with two children: a boy Francisco’s age and a girl Jacinta’s age. Adelina is holding three plates of food.)

Adelina: (a baby cries) Oh, Democracy. (to the children) Victor, Libby, just give them their food. Don’t talk to them!

Vic & Lib: Yes, mom.

Adelina: (to the other room) Momma’s coming, Democracy! (leaves)

(Victor brings in a plate of food to Francisco, Libby gives two plates to Lucia and Jacinta.)

Victor: Here’s your food.

Francisco: Your name is Victor?

Victor: Yes, what is your name?

Francisco: My name is Francisco.

Victor: You’re named Francisco?

Francisco: Yes, why?

(the girls start playing)

Victor: My best friend is named Francisco.

Francisco: Really?

Victor: Yes. (Talking to Libby) Libby! You’re not supposed to be playing with these animals. (They stop)

Francisco: How many brothers and sisters do you have?

(the girls laugh again)

Victor: Well, there’s my sister, Liberty... Hey! Stop talking to the animals!

Libby: They’re not animals, Victor. Besides, you’re talking to them, too

Victor: They’re Catholic, Libby, don’t talk to them. (to Francisco) Can you read?

Francisco: Not much.

Lucia: I’ve started.

Victor: OK, let’s say a story one sentence at a time, and the first word of each sentence has to start with the next letter in the alphabet, OK?

Lucia: Jacinta doesn’t know her ABC’s

Libby: That’s OK, I’ll help her. Get started, Victor.

Victor: OK. What letter should we start on?

Libby: Let’s start on “Y”

Victor: (creepy) You never know who’ll come knocking at the door.

Francisco: So, my first word has to begin with...

Victor: With “Z”

Francisco: With Z? OK. (struggling, but smiles after a while with an idea) Zookeepers, farmers, soldiers at war.

Lucia: So, should we start again with “A”?

Victor: That’s right.

Lucia: A pitchfork to fight, or a head start to run away?

Libby: Better to run, so you can fight another day.

(All laugh)

Jacinta: So, how do you play?

Libby: You know your ABC’s, right, Jacinta?

Jacinta: No.

Lucia: Jacinta, think of something that starts yuh, yuh, yuh!

Jacinta: Hmmm!

Libby: No, it doesn’t have to start on “Y” Let’s start with “R”. Now, Jacinta, can you think of a word that starts “rrrrrr” “rrrrrr”

Jacinta: Rrrrrred

Libby: Good. Now say something that begins “red”

Jacinta: There’s a red rose resting on the rail.

Lucia: No, silly, just the first word has to star with “r”.

Jacinta: Oh, Red apples fall from a tree.

Lucia: Good!

(Adelina comes into the room holding a baby.)

Victor: Someone make them into pies for...

Adelina: Victor! Libby!

Victor: Mom, listen to the rhyme we made up.

Adelina: Your father told you...

Victor: But mom, they’re our friends!

Adelina: Oh?

Libby: Yeah. We played a game of alphabet story. Listen

Victor: (creepy) You never know who comes knocking at the door.

Francisco: Zookeepers, farmers, soldiers at war?

Lucia: A pitchfork to fight, or a head start to run away?

Libby: Better to run, so you can fight another day.

(All laugh, including Adelina)

Adelina: Come on, do another one.

Libby: Let’s do a limerick. We’ll start with Jacinta. Mom, pick a letter.

Adelina: Let’s start with “F”

Libby: OK, now, Jacinta, think of a word that starts “fffffffff” “fffffff”

Jacinta: Fffffffffffrancisco

Libby: Good now say something starting “Francisco”

Jacinta: Francisco, Francisco sing your song

Victor: Go on all night, and then all day long

Francisco: Hop, skip, and dance

Lucia: If you have the chance

Libby: Jacinta will only tell you you’re wrong.

(All laugh. They suddenly stop when the Tinsmith walks in.)

Tin: (furious) Adelina! What is the meaning of this?

Adelina: Artur!

Tin: Get those children out of there immediately!

Adelina: Let’s go, children.

Tin: What are you trying to do, Adelina, make Catholics of them?

(They leave)

Tin: (Locking the jail door) I don’t know how you did it this time, you little brats. But the gullible rabble have seen your Lady again. What’s your trick?

Lucia: She came without us?

Tin: (gives her an incredulous look, mixed with hate) What? You miserable little brats! You have no idea how much I hate you.

Lucia: But Mr. Administrator. You can’t hate someone, it’s a sin!

Tin: Bull!

(All three jump backwards)

Tin: There is no sin, because there’s no God to judge. And if there were one, I’d jump at the chance to go to hell so I’d be far away from Him.

(The three are shocked. The Tinsmith then leaves, slamming the door. The kids look at themselves in disbelief.)

Sr. L: (not seen) Mrs. Santos made sure we needed nothing. She was kind to us, and let her children play with us.)

Scene 46

Setting: jail


Sr. L: (offscreen) After one day of detention, the Tinsmith interrogated us nine times each separately on Tuesday the 14th, trying to bribe us, trick us, or surprise us into admitting some clerical conspiracy that he was convinced was behind it all. So, as his goals of getting us to admit either that we lied or that we were part of some conspiracy failed, and he couldn’t get us to tell the secrets, or at least contradict each other, and after a psychologist gave us the clean bill of mental health, he had one last resort.

(Lucia sits deep in thought, Francisco is in the corner praying his Rosary, Jacinta is facing the wall, crying. After about a full minute, Lucia gets up and goes to Jacinta. Lucia puts her hand on her shoulder as soon as she realizes she’s crying.)

Lucia: Jacinta, why are you crying?

(Francisco comes over.)

Jacinta: Why aren’t our parents coming? They don’t care about us any more.

Francisco: Don’t cry, Jacinta. We can offer this for sinners. (raising eyes and hands) My Jesus, I offer this for love of you and for the conversion of sinners.

Jacinta: And for the Holy Father, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Francisco: (after some time) We missed our Lady. Will she never come to see us again?

Lucia: I don’t know. I think she will.

Francisco: I miss her so much.

(The Tinsmith and Jose walk into the jail.)

Tin: So, you won’t tell me the secret, huh? Just for that, we’re going to boil you in oil. (The kids are taken aback.) Watch them, Jose! (Slams the door and leaves)

(Jacinta runs, face to the wall, and cries)

Lucia: Why are you crying, Jacinta?

Jacinta: Because we’ll never see our parents again, not even our mothers. I would at least like to see my mother.

Lucia: Don’t you want to offer this sacrifice for sinners?

Jacinta: O, I do (joins her hands) Oh, Jesus, this is for love of You, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Jose: (trying to be tender) Now look, little girl, all you have to do is tell the Boss the secret, and everything will be all right.

Jacinta: I’d rather die! (starts crying again)

Lucia: Jacinta, don’t you want to offer this sacrifice for the Lord?

Jacinta: Yes, but I can’t help but cry when I think about my mom.

Lucia: Well, let’s decide when we go to our deaths to offer it for each of the intentions Our Lady gave us. One of us can offer it for sinners, one for the love of Jesus, and one to repair for sins against our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. Which one do you want?

Jacinta: I choose them all. And for the Holy Father.

Lucia: OK, then

(after a brief pause, the Tinsmith barges in)

Tin: The oil is boiling! (grabs Jacinta) Now tell me the secret, if you don’t want to be burned.

Jacinta: I can’t

Tin: Oh yeah? Well I’ll make you able to. Let’s go.

(The Tinsmith takes Jacinta out so fast, there’s no time for goodbyes)

Francisco: If they kill us, we’ll be in heaven soon. How wonderful! (takes off his cap, faces the wall, and kneels) Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is...

Jose: (interrupts) Uh, what are you saying, son?

Francisco: A Hail Mary so Jacinta won’t be afraid. The Lord is with thee (continues the Hail Mary as Jose shows his disapproval with a gesture of his hand and walks away)

(After Francisco finishes, the Tinsmith comes for Francisco)

Tin: Eh? And what about you, boy? Will you tell me the secret?

Francisco: No! Never!

Tin: Let’s go! (Takes Francisco and shuts the door. After a brief pause, the Tinsmith returns)

Tin: Now you’ve seen what I’ve done to your friends. Confess that you made all this up!

Lucia: I cannot.

Tin: What, do you want to die?

Lucia: I can’t tell a lie.

Tin: Liar! The whole world calls you a liar!

Lucia: But God knows better.

Tin: (nicer) Then tell us the secret. Then you won’t have to lie.

Lucia: No, but I’d betray a trust.

Tin: Surely, your Lady would understand.

Lucia: Not if I did what she told me not to.

Tin: (nasty again) Fine! Then be boiled in oil. (grabs her and takes her out Jose leaves, as well)

Sr. L: (offscreen) There was no boiling oil.