Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 23

Setting: dos Santos home.

Maria Rosa

Sr. L: (offscreen) I hid most of the day, and didn’t come home until nightfall.

(back at the dos Santos house. Mrs. DS is knitting, and Maria is folding towels when Luca walks in.)

Maria Rosa: What a nice little saint you are! All day while you were supposed to watching sheep, you go out and play.

Maria: (carrying a stack of folded towels) And I had to do your chores for you. (walks off)

Maria Rosa: As if that weren’t bad enough, you hid on us so we couldn’t find you. Set the table. After supper, you go straight to your room. (Struck with a thought) Oh rubbish! Antonio, did you remember to…

(Lucia sets the table, as she sets the table, Francisco pokes his head in the door.)

Francisco: (whispering) Psst! Lucia!

Lucia: What do you want?

Francisco: (still whispering) Come here.

(Lucia walks to the door.)

Francisco: Aren’t you going tomorrow?

Lucia: I already told you, no! I’m not going back any more. You and Jacinta do as you like.

Francisco: What a shame! Why do you think that way. Don’t you see that it can’t be the devil? God is already sad enough on account of our sins. If you don’t go, He’ll be sadder still. Come with us.

Lucia: No. Go away. (Lucia returns to setting the table. Francisco goes away sad.)

Sr. L: Francisco told me later that he cried the whole night, because he didn’t know who was going to talk to our Lady.

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