Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 41

Setting: Fr. F’s office

Fr. Ferreira
Msgr. Riveiro

(Jose is roughing up Fr. Ferreira)

Jose: Now look, Padre (spitting on him with the “p”) you will do as you’re told, do you hear? (Throws him down and checks out the window) That’s them! Do as you’re told if you don’t want us to shut down your racket and put you into the joint to finish you off! (Jose drops the priest)

(Jose goes to corner by the door. A knock at the door.)

Fr. F: (Shaken up) C-come in

(Enter Tinsmith, Fr. R, Antonio, Ti, and the three seers)

Tin: Ah, good morning, Father.

Fr. F: Good morning, Mr. Administrator. Monsignor. Mr. dos Santos. Mr. Marto. Children.

(They nod.)

Tin: Well, let’s not waste time, Father, why did you call us over? Have a seat everybody.

(Jose stands, looking out a window. The tinsmith sits by the door. Antonio and Ti sit reluctantly on the bench/couch.)

Fr. R: If you’ll excuse me, Father, I’ll say my hours at the church.

Fr. F: Of course, Father.

(Fr. R leaves. Fr. F gives the tinsmith a glare, the tinsmith gives a nod)

Fr. F: Lucia. Who taught you to say the things you said?

Lucia: The Lady I saw at the Cova da Iria

Fr. F: You know, those who go about spreading such lies as you are doing will be judged and will go to hell if they are not true. More and more people are being deceived by you.

Lucia: Father, if liars go to hell, then I can sleep well, because I am not lying. I say only what I saw and what our Lady told me. And the people go there because they want to; we do not tell them to go.

Fr. F: (frustrated and tense) Is it true that the Lady told you a secret?

Lucia: Yes. I cannot tell it.

Fr. F: You cannot tell your pastor?

(Jose quietly nods to the Tinsmith)

Lucia: If your Reverence wants to know it, I will ask the Lady, and if she allows me to, I will tell you.

Tin: (getting up) Now, now, Father, (puts his hands on the shoulders of the children, influencing them to the door. Antonio & Ti start to stand) these are supernatural matters. Perhaps we should sleep on it a little. (to Jose) Let’s go!

(The Tinsmith grabs the kids, Jose cuts off the fathers)

Ti: Jacinta!

(Jose runs after them, so does Ti and Antonio)

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