Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 32

Setting: Cova da Iria

Maria Rosa

(MR and Lucia come to the Cova. Maria Rosa is grabbing Lucia by the arm and throws her to the ground and starts yelling at her)

Maria Rosa: (Very upset, pointing around) You see this? You see this? Last year, there were beans, there was corn, and peas, and yams, and carrots, and turnips, and cucumbers. Now, there's just a holm-oak tree and a little altar to Our Lady! The strangers have trampled our crops and their animals ate the rest of it! If you’re hungry, let the Lady feed you! You worthless… Liar! (stomps off crying. Lucia walks slowly off)

Sr. L: I knew she was under a lot of strain, and she rightly thought of me as being unworthy of such a favor. By a special grace of God, I never harbored any resentment for how she treated me.

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