Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 15

Setting: Outside the Marto house

Mrs. Gomes

(Olimpia sets out and walks past Mrs. Gomes, quite distracted.)

Mrs. Gomes: Good evening, Mrs. Marto.

Olimpia: (distracted) Oh, good evening, Mrs. Gomes.

Mrs. G: Why, Mrs. Marto, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!

Olimpia: Well, yes, I mean, no. Look I can’t really talk about this.

Mrs. G: I understand, Olimpia. I won’t say a word to nobody! (Mrs. M turns to walk away) No, ma’am. Especially not your husband. (Mrs. M stops in her tracks) Good evening, Mrs. Marto.

Olimpia: Look, Imelda, promise you won’t say anything.

Mrs. G: Who, me? Perish the thought.

Olimpia: Look, Imelda, it’s... (exasperated) Francisco and Jacinta said they saw a beautiful lady at the Cova da Iria this afternoon.

Mrs. G: The Cova? A rich lady in the Cova?

Olimpia: Well, they obviously saw someone. She said she was from heaven.

Mrs. G: No!

Olimpia: And she wants them to see her at the Cova the next few months at noon on the 13th of the month. I don’t know what to make of it.

Mrs. G: I understand, dear.

Olimpia: You won’t tell a soul, will you, Mrs. Gomes?

Mrs. G: Not a word.

Olimpia: Please don’t. I’m sure it’s nothing. I’m on my way to Maria Rosa’s house to ask Lucy what she saw, because she was with them. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Mrs. G: Yes, of course, Mrs. Marto, I understand.

Olimpia: Say nothing, Mrs. Gomes.

Mrs. G: Nothing. Good evening.

Olimpia: Good evening.

(As Mrs. M goes, the camera follows Mrs. G, who meets another village lady.)

Mrs. G: Mrs. Guerra, you’ll never guess what Mrs. Marto’s children have been telling her! Well, it seems that…

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