Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 57

Setting: dos Santos house

Maria Rosa

Sr. L: (not seen) Then came the 13th. It had been raining all night and morning.

(It is raining throughout. MR is crying, Lucia comes into the room, wearing a blue dress)

Lucia: What’s wrong, Momma?

Maria Rosa: If the miracle does not take place, you’ll be dead for sure

Lucia: Oh, Momma! (hugs MR) Nothing will happen to us. Our Lady will do as she promised.

(Antonio walks into the room with Maria)

Antonio: Your mother and I are going.

Lucia: You are?

Maria Rosa: If you’re going to die, we want to die by your side. But! Lucia, look at her very closely. Make sure it's her.

(Lucia hugs her dad)

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