Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 29

Setting: Fr. F’s office

Maria Rosa
Fr. Ferreira

(The secretary is dusting his bookshelves at Fr. F’s office. A knock at the door.)

Sec: Come in!

(MR and Lucia walk in.)

Sec: Ah, Mrs. dos Santos. Welcome. Father Ferreira will be right with you. I’ll just go and tell him you’re here. (Leaves)

Lucia: But how can I say that I did not see, when I did see?

Maria Rosa: (Stops for a moment. Less angry.) Just listen to me. I just want you to tell the truth. If you saw, say so. But if you didn’t see, admit to Father that you lied. You don’t want to lie to a man of God, do you?

(Lucia shakes her head. Father F walks in.)

Fr. F: A very good morning, Mrs. dos Santos.

Maria Rosa: Good morning, Father.

Fr. F: (kindly) And how are you this morning, Lucia?

Lucia: Very well, thank you, Father. I hope yours is pleasant also.

Fr. F: (smiling) God bless you, my daughter. Come sit next to me, Lucia.

(Fr. F and Lucia sit next to each other on a bench or a couch.)

Fr. F: Now, Lucia, can you swear to me on the Scriptures that you saw the lady again last week.

Lucia: Yes, Father, we did.

Fr. F: Good. Now, I don’t want you to be nervous, child. Most of the people at the Cova were profoundly affected by this… (looks at MR) this event. And I appreciate it that many of my best parishioners are coming together to pray the Rosary. So, what has our Lady told you?

Lucia: Well, Father, she wanted much of it to be kept secret.

Fr. F: Oh? What can you tell me?

Lucia: Well, of the people that wanted cures, she said that some of them will be cured within the year if they pray for it.

Fr. F: Good. That’s good to hear. Now why didn’t she keep that a secret?

Lucia: I don’t question her, Father. I only do what she says.

Fr. F: I see.

Lucia: Oh, and she taught us to add a prayer to the Rosary.

Fr. F: Oh? And what was that, Lucia?

Lucia: Oh, my Jesus, forgive us our sins, and save us from the fires of hell. And lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need.

Fr. F: Really? Why, that’s a nice prayer, Lucia. Did the Lady teach you that?

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: Now who are the souls most in need? The souls in purgatory?

Lucia: No, Father, sinners.

Fr. F: Sinners.

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: Now you know that the Church wants us to pray often for the souls in purgatory.

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: And that our parish has a large confraternity for the souls in purgatory.

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: So, why don’t you and I agree to say that the prayer is for the souls in purgatory? (Lucia looks incredulous) That way, we could convince more of the Faithful at our parish to say the prayer.

Lucia: But Father, that’s not what she meant. She meant sinners.

Fr. F: How do you know what she meant?

Lucia: We all knew what she meant.

Fr. F: (looking at MR) Now, don’t you think that it’s peculiar that our Lady should be telling you things without allowing you to say them? If heaven has something to say, shouldn’t Catholics from around the world be able to hear it?

Lucia: First of all, she hasn’t told us who she is yet. She just said she was from heaven. Second, she said she would come again to tell us what she wants. Perhaps she will tell you then.

Fr. F: (looking again at MR) Yes, well, why tell you in the first place?

Lucia: She’s from heaven. Would you argue with someone from heaven, Father?

Fr. F: (perplexed) What about Francisco? Did he hear her?

Lucia: No, Father.

Fr. F: So, did you tell him this… this secret?

Lucia: Yes, Father.

Fr. F: Well, then, it’s not much of a secret then, is it?

Lucia: The Lady specifically told us to tell him.

Fr. F: So, why does she let you tell him and not me, your pastor?

Lucia: Father, you’re the one who tells us not to question adults.

Fr. F: (bewildered) Thank you, Lucia. You can go now.

Lucia: Thank you, Father.

(Fr. F gives Maria Rosa a look of bewilderment and shrugs his shoulders. MR is quietly disappointed.)

Maria Rosa: Let’s go, Lucia.

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