Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 47

Setting: Outside the rectory

Mrs. G
The Carreira family
Other Pilgrims

Sr. L: The Tinsmith wasn’t able to break us, so, after another interrogation the next morning, he let us go, without the confession he was so sure of getting. We saw my uncle after the High Mass for the Feast of the Assumption.

(All but the seers are walking home from the church. Ti is especially somber. Ti stops to sit on th steps of the rectory. Mrs. Gomes comes to him.)

Mrs. G: Ti, have you heard anything about the children?

Ti: Nobody knows. They may even be in Santarem by now.

Oldest C child: Look! Here they come!

(The oldest C child peels out of the way, so we can see the children running in the distance, Jacinta leading the way. Jose is walking behind.)

(Ti stands stunned, the people joyfully crowd around, making way for the kids.)

Jacinta: (offscreen) Daddy! Daddy!

Ti: Angel! (falling to his knees, Jacinta runs to him and he cries.) My princess!

(Francisco and Lucia follow Jacinta)

Francisco: Daddy! Bless us Daddy!

Lucia: Uncle! Bless us Uncle!

Ti: Son! Lucia! (making a cross on each of their foreheads) God bless you. God bless each of you.

(All stop celebrating and look at Jose who is standing, admiring the scene. Their stares make Jose uncomfortable)

Jose: (Collecting himself, very nervous) Here are your kids, Mr. Marto. (slinks out of scene in shame)

Mr. C: Where’s the Mayor?

(Manuel angry, picks up a large stick.)

Manuel: (going up the rectory stairs, raising the stick high in the air) Death to the Mayor!

(a tumult arises)

Ti: (gradually getting control) No! No! Please! Please no! No! (as soon as the tumult quiets down) We have our children back. Have faith in the Mother of God. Let retribution be hers.

(The camera focuses on Manuel. The crowd breaks up. Manuel, still visibly angry, hesitatingly puts down his stick and walks off.)

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