Wednesday, May 16, 2007

scene 37

Setting: Marto house


Sr. L: (offscreen) My father, on the other hand, decided to let me speak for myself. He figured if I was lying, it would be good for me to be punished for it.

(Olimpia is making coffee. Door knocks.)

Olimpia: (Without coming to the door.) Come in, Antonio.

(Antonio & Lucia come in.)

Olimpia: Good morning Lucia, I have coffee for you, if you’d like some.

Antonio: No, thank you, Olimpia, we’re already running late. Isn’t Ti ready yet?

Olimpia: Yes. He’s still shaving.

Antonio: We’re going to be late. Ti! (walks as if to back room)

(Jacinta comes in PJs, rubbing her eyes.)

Olimpia: Good morning, Angel!

Jacinta: Good morning, Mama.

Olimpia: Oh, what is keeping your father. Ti! Ti!

(Olimpia goes.)

(Lucia and Jacinta look at each other for a long moment.)

Lucia: I may never see you again, Jacinta.

Jacinta: (bursts into tears. Lucia comes to hug her.) If they kill you, tell them that Francisco and I are just the same as you, and that we want to die, too. I’m going right now to the well with Francisco, and we’ll pray hard for you.

(Antonio and Ti & Olimpia come, Ti putting on his tie (no pun intended))

Antonio: Do you have provisions for the journey?

Ti: It’s out by the stable. Does Lucia know how to ride a donkey?

Antonio: Well, we … (Looks at Lucia and laughs) we practiced last night.

Ti: OK. Are we ready?

Olimpia: (Hugs her husband) Please be careful, Ti.

Ti: I will, Olimpia.

Olimpia: (kisses Lucia and makes the Sign of the Cross on her forehead) God keep you all safe and our Lady protect you.

Jacinta: (hugs her daddy, crying) Goodbye, Daddy. I love you.

Ti: (hugging her very tenderly) I love you too, my Princess.

Antonio: Ti! We’re going to be late!

Ti: What? Can’t a man say goodbye to his family?

Antonio: If we’re late, you won’t have anything to come home to!

(They leave, with Jacinta and Mrs. M looking out the window)

Sr. L: It was an ordeal going all the way to Vila Nova. I fell from the donkey three times. But it was much more of an ordeal when we got there.

(Olimpia & Jacinta go back sadly to their room.)

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