Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 28

Setting: Outside the Marto house.

Maria Rosa
Joano M

(Joano is beating the rug. MR walks on, dragging Lucia by the ear. Joano looks at the rug and walks in with it while Maria Rosa yells at Lucia.)

Sr. L: My mother took me again to Fr. Ferreira’s office.

Maria Rosa: When we get to the rectory, you will kneel down, tell him you lied, and ask for pardon. Do you understand me? I’m going to stop in your aunt Olimpia’s house to tell Jacinta and Francisco to stop it, as well.

(MR storms in the Marto house. After a minute, Jacinta comes out crying.)

Jacinta: I will tell Francisco, and we’ll pray for you over by the well.

Lucia: Thank you, Jacinta.

(Jacinta runs off, and then MR walks out and grabs Lucia by the arm.)

Maria Rosa: Let’s go.

Lucia: But, Mother.

Maria Rosa: I don’t want to hear it.

(They walk off.)

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