Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 22

Setting: dos Santos house


Sr. L: (offscreen) So, on July 12th, the day before we were to see our Lady again, I made a decision.

(Lucia is sweeping the floor, alone in the house. Jacinta and Francisco walk in without knocking.)

Francisco: Lucia! We’ve been trying to find you all week. It’s almost like you’re avoiding us.

Lucia: (not pleased to see them, but pretending to be.) Oh, don’t be silly.

Jacinta: Aren’t you excited to be seeing the Lady again tomorrow?

Lucia: I won’t be there tomorrow.

Francisco: What?!? You promised her!

Lucia: Yes, I promised the devil I could let him deceive me more.

Jacinta: It’s not the devil. The devil is ugly and lives underground in hell. But this Lady is so beautiful, and we saw her go to heaven!

Lucia: My momma wants me to tell everyone that I made the whole thing up. I think I will.

Jacinta: You can’t say that! That’s a lie, and telling lies is a sin!

Lucia: OK, I won’t lie, but I’m still not going. If it’s the devil, why should I go see him?

(Jacinta starts crying.)

Lucia: Why are you crying?

Jacinta: Because you don’t want to go.

Lucia: Listen, if the Lady asks for me, tell her I’m afraid it might be the devil, so I won’t come.

Francisco: (crying and very upset) How can you think it’s the devil? Didn’t you see God in that great light? If you must speak for us, how can we go without you?

(Lucia runs away. The other children look at each other and then walk out sadly.)

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