Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 43

Setting: street

Mrs. Gomes
Mr. DV
Mrs. DV
A few pilgrims

(The street is filled with pilgrims, including Mrs. G and Manuel, plus Mr & Mrs. DV. The horse and buggy rides through the scene.)

Lucia: Mayor! The Cova is the other way!

Tin: Keep it down! Faster, driver! (They drive off)

Mrs. G: (oblivious, waves to them) Yoo-hoo!

Mrs. DV: (spitting at them as they pass by) Now, how do you like being the center of attention, you little sorcerers?

Manuel: He’s kidnapped the seers!

Mr. DV: Ah, splendid!

Mrs. G: Oh, dear! Will the Lady come?

Manuel: Will we see the Lady?

Mr. DV: So, Imelda, do you think your Lady will come, now?

Mrs. G: Oh, shut up!

Mr. DV: Will you at least then concede that if your Lady doesn’t come today, that will be because the children didn’t play their tricks on you?

Mrs. G: And will you then concede that if she does, it will be because she came?

Mrs. DV: (laughing) Ah, that won’t happen. Get used to the idea.

Mrs. G: At least come and see.

Mrs. DV: Why should we? Those ignorant little brats won’t be here to play their trick.

Mr. DV: Besides, who wants to see the same magic trick more than once?

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