Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Characters and settings

Characters (in order of appearance):
Mother Superior
Sister 1
Sister 2
Sister Lucia
Sister Henrietta
Lucia dos Santos
Lucia’s 3 companions
Francisco Marto
Jacinta Marto
Angel of Portugal
Pope Benedict XV
Our Lady of Fatima
Mr. Marto (Ti)
Mrs. Marto (Olimpia)
Joano Marto
Mr. dos Santos (Antonio)
Mrs. dos Santos (Maria Rosa)
Maria dos Santos
Mrs. Gomes
Mr. do Varmo
Mrs. do Varmo
Mr. Carriera
Mrs. Carreira
Joano Carreira
Carreira children
Manuel Gonçalves
Priest’s secretary
Father Ferreira
The Tinsmith (Artur de Oliveira Santos)
Adelina Santos
Victor Santos
Liberty Santos
Msgr. Riveiro
Avelino de Almeida
Holy Family
Our Lady of Sorrows
Sacred Heart
O.L. of Mt. Carmel

• Coimbra: refectory
• Coimbra: Recreation room. .
• Adjustrel: the dos Santos home
• Adjustrel: the Marto home
• Adjustrel: the well
• Cabeço: the cave at the Cabeço hill
• Adjustrel: on the street
• Fatima: on the street
• Fatima: the Cova da Iria
• Fatima: Fr. Ferreira’s office
• Rome: the Papal office
• Ourem: the Tinsmith’s office
• Ourem: jail
• Open fields – no sheep
• Open fiels – with sheep

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