Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 55

Setting: dos Santos house

Maria Rosa

(Antonio is hitting the bottle, MR, Maria, and Lucia are doing housework)

Maria Rosa: Lucia, it would be better if you didn’t go tomorrow.

Lucia: Oh?

Maria Rosa: Yes. Think of what would happen to me and to your sisters if nothing happens.

Maria: We’d all get killed on account of your inventions.

Antonio: Lucia, come here!

(Lucia goes there)

Antonio: (three sheets to the wind) Do you see what you’re putting your mother through? I’m ashamed of you for what you’re doing to her.

Lucia: But poppa!

Antonio: Don’t “but poppa” me. If you had just admitted months ago that you lied, we all wouldn’t have suffered like we have. Nice going! If they kill you, you had it coming to you.

Lucia: (starting to cry) But poppa!

Antonio: It’s not too late to say you lied. Nobody believes you anyway. I heard at the tavern that they put bombs in the house and plan to blow it up while we’re at the Cova. How would you like that, little girl?

Lucia: But…

Maria: If my children ever says those things to me, I’d shut them in a room and not let them out.

Maria Rosa: If it were Our Lady, at least she could have done a miracle already, and make a spring come out of the ground, like at Lourdes. This has been a miserable summer for rain. (a changed tone) Lucy, we had better go to confession. Everyone says that we will probably be killed tomorrow at the Cova. If the Lady does not do the miracle, the people will attack us, so we had better be ready to die.

Lucia: I’ll come with you, mother, but not for that reason. I’m not afraid of being killed. I’m absolutely certain the Lady will do as she promised.

(Maria Rosa looks at Lucia as Antonio has just finished his bottle)

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