Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 33


Sr. L: I knew that the Angel had announced that God would send me sufferings, so I saw the hand of God in this. I didn’t love my mother and esteem her the less for how she treated me, I loved her more and thought the better of her.

Sr. H: (shaking her head) My, my, Sister.

Sr. L: Oh, I knew she still loved me. When I got sick that summer, she took special care of me. But … I’m sure you’d like to hear about August.

Sr. H: Yes. I imagined things got better, right?

Sr. L: Well, no. Up until then, we had to deal with hecklers and the sort. Mrs. do Varmo was particularly vicious. In August, we had to deal with the freemasonic government of Portugal at the time. The administrator of the city of Ourem was determined to put an end to the apparitions.

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