Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 14

Setting: Marto house

Joano M.

(Francisco and Jacinta come in and put their scarves and staffs by the coatrack. Joano is setting the table. [If applicable, Olimpia is by the stove, tending the pots with a wooden spoon.] Ti is in the distance, reading his book in the easy chair.)

Olimpia: (with spoon in hand) Dinner’s almost ready, kids. How was your day?

Francisco: It was all…

Jacinta: (excited, hugging her mother’s knees) You should have been there, Mom. A beautiful woman appeared to us from heaven and ...

Olimpia: (laughing) Well, aren’t you a little saint, seeing Our Lady.

Jacinta: (upset) But, Mom, I saw her. I saw her.

Olimpia: (concerned, looking at Ti): Ti! (to Jacinta) Who did you see? Have you seen her before?

Jacinta: She said she’s from heaven, Mom. I saw her. And she was ever so beautiful.

Ti: (while walking over) What’s this, then?

Jacinta: You should have seen the Lady, Dad. She was so beautiful. She told me and Lucia that we’re going to Heaven, but Francisco needs to say many Rosaries before he can go to Heaven. She wants us to come to see her on the 13th of the month at noon at the Cova for the next six months. She told us to say the Rosary every day. She said Maria is in Heaven, but Amelia…

Ti: (to Francisco) Were you there, son?

Francisco: I was there, but I couldn’t hear her.

Jacinta: We saw a lightning and…

Ti: Hush, girl. I really don’t know what to make of it, Olimpia.

Olimpia: Neither do I. Francisco, did you see this woman, too?

Jacinta: And…

Olimpia: Hush, Jacinta!

Francisco: Yes, mama.

Olimpia: And you couldn’t hear her.

Francisco: No, mama.

Joano: Ha! You’re seeing ghosts!

Jacinta: She wasn’t a ghost. She…

Ti: Silence! Now Francisco, do you believe the woman that you saw is from heaven?

Francisco: Yes, papa.

Ti: Why?

Francisco: If you saw her, you’d understand. She... It’s hard to explain. She showed us something that made us understand God in a way I didn’t know was possible. It wasn’t through words; it was in an instant that she showed it to us. When she was done with us, she rose peacefully into the clouds.

Ti: Thank you, Francisco. Children, clean up and watch the supper, while I talk to your mother.

Children: Yes, papa.

Ti: (Off to the side) What do you think, Olimpia? Jacinta could never tell a lie.

Olimpia: Oh, I don’t know, Ti. They saw something.

Ti: Go talk to your brother, and find out what Lucy saw.

(Olimpia grabs her shoal and leaves)

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