Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 56

Setting: Marto house


Sr. L: (offscreen) Things were much different at my aunt’s

(Ti has Jacinta on his lap, reading her a story, Francisco and Joano are stacking fire wood, and Olimpia drinks a cup of coffee by the table.

Francisco: I can’t wait to see Our Lord again. But will He still be so sad? I offer Him as many penances as I can think of.

Olimpia: Jacinta!

Jacinta: Yes, mom!

Olimpia: Aren’t you worried about tomorrow?

Jacinta: Why, mom?

Olimpia: Well, that just maybe the miracle won’t happen?

Joano: Some people are saying that if the miracle doesn’t happen, they’ll burn you alive.

Olimpia: Joano!

Francisco: We’re not afraid, because heaven cannot deceive us. She told us there would be a great miracle so that everyone would believe.

Jacinta: If we were granted the grace of going up to heaven from there together with Our Lady, how wonderful!

Ti: You know something, Princess, I believe this Lady, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us tomorrow.

(Jacinta puts her arms around Ti)

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