Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 51

Setting: Street

Mr. DV
Mrs. DV

(The three walk down the street and walk into Mr. do Varmo and Jose, who don’t let them pass.)

Lucia: Excuse me, Mr. do Varmo…

Mr. DV: Where do you think you’re going?

Lucia: We’re going home.

Jose: You’re going nowhere. You’d better tell us this secret of yours.

Lucia: We can’t

Mr. DV: Oh, who says you can’t?

Lucia: The Lady at the Cova.

Mr. DV: (mocking) The Lady at the Cova.

Lucia: That’s right.

Mr. DV: Well, you’d better tell us this secret, or we’ll have to rough you up

Jacinta: Wonderful! Then we’ll go to heaven!

Francisco: We can’t say the secret. Do as you wish to us.

Jose: (walking away with Mr. DV) see that you tell your secret soon. The Administrator has every intention on taking your lives. (They leave)

Jacinta: (happy) Wonderful! I so love our Lord and our Lady, and this way, we’ll see them soon!

Francisco: If they kill us, it’s all the same. We’ll go to heaven. (they walk off)

Sr. L: Jacinta was edifying also for her love of suffering for sinners. On the day before the next visit by our Lady, we were walking down the street, past the do Varmo house, although we weren’t aware of it. Mrs. do Varmo had said such terrible things to us, that Jacinta suggested that we offer sacrifices for her, because she could go to hell for saying such things.

(The seers walk down the street playing. They stop right when they get to the do Varmo door. Mrs. DV watches out the window)

Jacinta: Wait! Tomorrow is the Visit. Let’s stop playing and offer the sacrifice for the conversion of sinners. (raising eyes and hands, Francisco takes off his cap) My God, this is for the conversion of sinners and the love of Jesus, and in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Lucia & Francisco: Amen.

(Mrs. DV weeps and turns back from the window)

(At another point on the same road, spot a rope on the road.)

Lucia: Look! (Lucia picks up the rope) Tie my arm!

(Jacinta and Francisco the the rope around Lucia’s arm. They take a couple of steps.)

Lucia: (stopping) Ow! It hurts! Look, we could tie it around our waists and offer it as a sacrifice to God.

Jacinta: Yeah!

Francisco: Good idea.

(they walk off)

Sr. L: Francisco cut the rope into three parts, and we each got a part of it, and wore it around our waists.

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