Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 54


Sr. L: And that was the end of the little shepherds.

Sr. H: Why do you say that, Sister?

Sr. L: We had become such celebrities that we could not even watch our flocks any more. My aunt and uncle first kept Francisco and Jacinta home, and then sold the flock altogether. That left me alone, and I was able to contemplate the beauties of the sky, and thank God for the graces He had given me. But I was always being hounded by some person or other, either a pious pilgrim or a fanatical adversary. Most of them wanted to know the secret. My sister Maria was always either running to get me or watching my flock for me. If we were rich, it would have been an inconvenience. But we had to live by our work, and it was a hardship. Eventually, my mother had to sell the flock, and this hurt the support of the family. I was blamed for the whole thing, and at times, it was thrown in my face.

Sr. H: Did your mother still think you were lying?

Sr. L: Yes. But she endured a lot because of me. She would say, “This is all God’s work, in punishment for my sins. Blessed be God.” It was two different scenes the day before the Miracle of the Sun. My family was skeptical, as you know. So…

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