Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 3

Setting: the Cabeço

Angel of Portugal
3 companions

Lucia and companions shepherd their flocks. Lucia turns to her companions, as if to say something. They nod, pull Rosaries out of their pockets, and kneel down. The Angel stands on the top of the hill, with his hands tucked inside his robe. Lucia shakes herself as they get up. One companion comes up to her and talks to her. Lucy just shrugs her shoulders.)

Sr.L: (off screen) I had other companions with me at that time. It was around midday. After we ate lunch, I invited my friends to pray the Rosary with me. They were quite happy to do it. We had hardly begun to pray, when we saw a figure. It looked like snow statue, rendered almost transparent by the sun. We went on praying, with our eyes fixed on the figure before us. And as we finished our prayer, the figure vanished. My companions were quite frightened and asked me what it was. I didn’t know.

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