Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 44

Setting Cova da Iria

Our Lady
Mrs. Gomes
Carreira family

(Some hubbub until Manuel runs in, followed by others, including Mrs. G)

Manuel: They’ve been abducted! They’ve been abducted!

Townsfolk: What? Huh?

Manuel: (exhausted) The Tinsmith. He kidnapped the shepherds!

Townsfolk: I don’t believe it! The cur! (Joano C cries)

(scene turns to bedlam until a thunderclap. The thunder shakes up the people, and is followed soon by lightning.)

Manuel: (pointing up) Look! The cloud! Our Lady’s coming!

(a pleasant murmur as Our Lady stands again on the tree. The sun again dims, and gives off colors.)

(Our Lady looks around and then leaves as usual.)

Mrs. G: She came!

Mr. C: Where are the seers!

Mrs C: It’s a pity they weren’t here.

Pilgrims: How dare that tyrant! Down with the Tinsmith! The Tyrant must go!

Manuel: And that puppet priest! Let’s go to Fatima to demand their freedom

Mr. C: And his removal.

All: Yeah!

(The peeps leave angry)

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