Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 2

Setting: Recreation room

Sister Lucia
Sister Henrietta

(There are two chairs in a corner. Between the chairs is a small table, with a lamp, flowers, and statue on it. A ball of yarn is in the empty chair. A nun in a postulant habit (Sister Henrietta), is doing some knitting. The shuffling and wheezing of an aged Sister Lucia is heard. Sr. H, upon hearing, looks out the corner of her eye. She perks up when she realizes it’s Sister Lucia, and looks over and puts the yarn beside her and resumes the knitting. Sister Lucia walks with some difficulty past her to the other chair. Sr. Henrietta stops knitting and looks up at Sr. Lucia and breaks into a big smile until she sits down, in obvious admiration.)

Sr. L: (after taking a moment to collect her breath) Praised be Jesus Christ!

Sr. H: Praise Him forever. Happy Feast Day, Sister Lucia!

Sr. L: Happy Feast Day, Sister Hermia!

Sr. H: Henrietta.

Sr. L: What?

Sr. H: My name’s Henrietta, Sister.

Sr. L: Oh, yes, of course. Excuse me, Sister. Tell me, how are things going with you, good Sister?

Sr. H: Very well, thank you, Sister.

Sr. L: Do you think you will persevere in your vocation, Sister Hedwig?

Sr. H: Henrietta, Sister.

Sr. L: Yes, of course.

Sr. H: Only with the grace of God, Sister. But I am enjoying the religious life very much.

Sr. L: Yes, it is a great grace to be a Bride of Christ. Pray much for vocations, especially your own.

Sr. H: Sister Lucia?

Sr. L: Yes?

Sr. H: Tell me about the time Our Lady came to see you.

Sr. L: (sadly) Well, you need to get permission, first.

Sr. H: (seriously) Not about the Secret, Sister. What happened at the Cova?

Sr. L: I guess I can… Well, it wasn’t just the Cova.

Sr. H: No?

Sr. L: No. Two years before, I was at the Cabe├žo. My cousins did not yet go with me.

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