Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scene 36

Setting: Marto house

Joano M

(Ti opens the door without saying a word. Jose comes in, waves to the children, getting no reaction, except that Olimpia grabs Jacinta. Jose hands Ti an official looking piece of paper.)

Jose: Mr. Marto, I have a summons for you. Yourself, Jacinta, and Francisco are to come to the town hall of Vila Nova by tomorrow at noon.

Antonio: Do you have one of those for me, too, officer.

Jose: Mr. dos Santos?

Antonio: Yes.

Jose: Why, yes, I do. (handing him the document) I expect to see the five of you there tomorrow promptly at noon. Good day.

(Jose waves to the Jacinta. Jacinta hides behind Olimpia’s skirt and then peeks out from behind it. Jose leaves. One can hear the sound of the bike bell seconds later.)

Olimpia: Kids, run out and play, will you?

(The kids do just that in silence.)

Ti: Do you believe this Antonio?

Antonio: Thousands of Catholics assembling is the last thing they want to see.

Ti: Do you have any idea how difficult this will be for the children to make this trip?

Antonio: Yes. We don’t have any horses, and we don’t have a fancy motorcar like the Tinsmith does. He only has one because he’s the administrator in Ourem.

Ti: It must be nine miles at least. We have mules, but Francisco can’t ride yet, let alone Jacinta.

Antonio: Well, Lucia got herself in this mess, let her explain herself. I’ve got to talk to Maria Rosa about this. (walks out reading the summons)

Ti: Well, what do you think, Olimpia?

Olimpia: They’d never be able to make the trip unless you went all night. Then how well would they be able to answer the Tinsmith?

Ti: He’s such a tricky liar, that I don’t like their chances in the best of times. Francisco and Jacinta are such simple souls. There’s no sense bringing children to court, at any rate.

Olimpia: Are you going to try to have them put it off, Ti?

Ti: No, I will go myself. And answer for them.

Olimpia: Ti! You could get into so much trouble!

Ti: It’s the only way, Olimpia. Let’s tell the kids. (both leave the house calling.)

Ti: Jacinta! Francisco! Joano!

Olimpia: Joano! Francisco!

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